Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm Best Friends With Norman Chad

Dave Lozo at the aptly named,, is chatting it up with ESPN poker analyst and syndicated columnist, Norman Chad, today. Fortunately, one of my questions was asked to Norman and I am very pleased with the result:

GMoney: How intimidating is your mustache at a poker table?
NC: Not at all it seems. I think it’s my tell. It’s not intimidating in a courtroom either when we’re hammering out a divorce settlement.

Read the rest of the interview here...thanks, Lozo. My life is getting closer and closer to becoming complete.

UPDATE! Lozo is a buttfucker and that interview was a very well-crafted fake. Damn. I guess my longing for Norman Chad will continue.


Tony B. said...

You're question really whamboozled him!

DMtShooter said...

Chad with the buttfucking; it's a meme.