Friday, August 29, 2008

Fire Shane Montgomery

I just got back from the absolutely God awful performance put forth by my RedHawks tonight. Just terrible really. Shane Montgomery has to be the worst head coach in the nation at any level of football. He has no clue what he's doing and the only reason he got the job in the first place was because he got the credit for Big Ben being awesome. Which has clearly been proven to have nothing to do with his coaching.

We also featured that worst starting QB in the world. Daniel Raudabaugh, who led the nation in overthrowing his WR's last year, was back to his old self again by launching 3 picks and completing about 18% of his passes.

To Vanderbilt's credit, their QB is a freaking stud. That kid can run.

But this is exactly why I'm not the biggest college football fan around. For a MAC school, you aren't always going to be good due to your financial restraints. I can live with that. But I hate it when I have to listen to our dumbass coaches explain why things didn't go our way tonight and see the same old crappy QB play eventhough we have two EXTREMELY talented freshmen QB's.

Fire Shane Montgomery. Hire Ditka. Or Fontes. Or Bill Walsh. Or Gene Upshaw. I would rather have a corpse than a brain-dead fucking retard on the sideline anyway. At least the NFL starts next week.


flohtingPoint said...

I'd feel bad for you, cept I'm an Arizona Cardinals fan.

Anonymous said...

Vandy? Fucking Vandy (and at home)Come on...

Your fucking redhawks cost me my parlay and $150. Fuck Miami and fuck the MAC.


GMoney said...

I'm with you, Burgei, they are terrible. What are you doing betting on terrible teams anyway?

Anonymous said...

At least Michigan is guaranteed of one victory this weekend. I'm going to the game so hopefully your RedHawks will at least show up to the Big House.


Fire Coach Monty said...


Monty had nothing to do with Big Ben. He ran an emerging mid-major power into the ground, and wasted talented players like Betts and Robinson.

We should beat Vandy at home and a rebuilding Michigan. Instead, we will struggle with Ohio and Temple and will lose in Buffalo.

Enough is enough.

I offer similar thoughts on and on a related blog. Feel free to visit and leave comments.

Go RedHawks!

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%. Our record under Montgomery is just embarrassing. Our once proud program has been wrecked again. I find it hard to believe that this level of performance is acceptable to our AD and president. Accountability starts at the top. If the team is not delivering against the vision and expectations - then get rid of the head coach! Stop embarrassing alumni with a poor record and a dull, non charismatic, losing coach. College athletics are a window back to the university and reflect on the school. The view that Montgomery has offered is not a good one!