Tuesday, August 26, 2008

College Football Preview Week: Day 2

If you didn't like yesterday's Buckeye love/Matt Millen hate fest, you're going to love this post. Today, we are lucky enough to be joined by one third of The Money Shot's legal counsel...Mr. G-Saul. When not refreshing my site numerous times a day to see if I've updated eventhough he knows that I only post once and it's in the morning, our guest lector is a jack of all trades. He is an HD-TV connoisseur and borderline snob about it, a lover of Tuna Helper, and also is in possession of some nude photos of former Michigan coach, Gary Moeller, which may or may not have had anything to do with his exit from Ann Arbor. If you can't tell, this is written from a Michigan fans perspective so it should be much more rational than yesterday's (and tomorrow's) guest posts. It's all you, kind sir...

G-Saul's Top 5
1. USC
Pete Carroll does not rebuild, he just reloads. While I believe that his teams the past couple seasons have underachieved, I think this group will overachieve this year. Any possible threat on the schedule this season – OSU, Oregon, Arizona State, and Cal – all have to travel to the Coliseum. Mark Sanchez and Joe McKnight should be lights out on offense, and Rey Maualuga is the best linebacker in the nation (yes, better than Mr. Laurinaitis). Also, I do not think many people know this fact, but USC has two weeks to prepare for OSU – they have a bye week on September 6. Look for USC to be playing for the BCS championship.

2. Clemson
The ACC is weak this year, and Clemson does not have to play Va. Tech in the regular season. Tommy Bowden has been pulling insane recruiting classes the last couple years, and I think this is the year that the Tigers get over the hump. I do not see them losing in the regular season, but a possible match up with Va. Tech in the ACC championship game could be the only hurdle. It’s not that I think Clemson is this good, I just do not see anyone on their schedule that can bring them down.

3. Georgia
Georgia has the talent this year to go all the way, but lofty expectations and a brutal schedule never seem to add up to success. Seriously, have you seen their schedule this year? They play six top 25 teams, with three of those in the top 10. They will stumble somewhere along the way, but a one loss (or even two loss) SEC team should still have a strong argument for BCS championship consideration.

4. Ohio State
Even if OSU only loses to USC this season, they should not be ranked higher than fourth. As the last two years have demonstrated, going undefeated in the Big Ten is not the feat that it once was back in the day. Plus, I think everyone wants to save OSU fans from having to endure that pain and suffering for three years in a row. While I respect seniors who shun the NFL’s millions and who come back to school (Laurinaitis and Malcolm Jenkins), they will not have a happy ending to their careers.

5. Texas Tech
Winning the Big 12 South is going to be tough with the likes of Texas and Oklahoma, (plus an away game against Kansas on the schedule), but I think this is the year that the Red Raiders break out. Their offense is going to be the real deal. You will be hearing “Harrell to Crabtree” a ton this season. Also, their defense is rumored to be much better as a result of some JUCO transfers. I’m predicting a top 5 finish.

Most Overrated
Winner: Ohio State. Period. Question: Who got out-coached by both Ron Zook and Les Miles last year? Answer: Jim Tressel. Let’s not forget the 41-14 loss to Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators in 2006, almost the same team that was beaten by Lloyd Carr and Michigan in 2007. In 2005, Mack Brown and the burnt Orange came into your own house and left with the W (a game that I attended and thoroughly enjoyed, the Shoe sounded like a funeral afterward). Also, do not forget that OSU lost to a team that year coached by the rotting corpse of Joe Paterno during the “White Out.” The year 2004 included impressive losses to Northwestern, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Purdue. In 2003, the Bucks lost a chance to repeat their bogus national championship at the hands of Lloyd Carr. Yes, the same Lloyd Carr that lost to App. State last year. And everyone knows that the 2002 team should have lost 5 games that year – Cincinnati, Purdue, Illinois, Michigan, and Miami. Tressel’s only bowl wins have come against the likes of Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and Notre Dame (I cannot count the Miami Fl win because a certain ineligible player scored the winning TD, and there was a phantom pass interference call). Congratulations Ohio State, at least you always are on the center stage with all of the nation watching when you produce your greatest letdowns! Editor's note, come on, you've proved your point...reel it back in.
Runner-Up: Oklahoma. When was the last time Bob Stoops won a bowl game?

Most Underrated
Nebraska. The Big 12 North is not as strong as the South. I like the Bo Pelini hiring and I think he will have this team back up near the top of the conference even this year. Pelini is a defensive guru and will have the “black shirts” back to playing solid defense. I would not look past this Cornhuskers team if they are on my schedule.

This Year’s Kansas
Kansas was a fraud last year. They did not have to play Texas, Oklahoma, or Texas Tech last season. That is a joke! If they had a real schedule last year, they would have been 8-4 and we would not even have this category (which is why I’m protesting and not predicting a team). Editor's note, poop in your fist!

The First Coach Fired
Charlie Weis, Notre Dame: Notre Dame was 21-15 from 2002-04 and 22-15 from 2005-07, but the only difference is that Tyrone Willingham was shit-canned and FUPA Weis was granted a 10-year contract extension. I think most people know where I stand on affirmative action, but is there any more of a double standard than the one at Notre Shame? Charlie Weis is a horrible coach, and I hope he does not get fired because he will run their program into the ground. But another losing season this year is only going to make the seat hotter. Oh yeah, and mark down October 25 ladies and gents, Notre Dame travels to Washington to take on Willingham and the Huskies in a night game – a loss that could unleash his critics.

Bold Predictions
*If Ohio State gets by USC on September 13, then the other set of Trojans the following week may get overlooked. The Trojans of Troy come to Columbus on September 20, and I have two tickets to this game so I can witness the upset. The long travel and hangover from a night-game victory at the Coliseum will take a toll on the Buckeyes, and Troy is no stranger to big-time competition. Three of Troy’s four losses last year came against Arkansas, Florida, and Georgia. This year, Troy plays LSU before taking on OSU. I believe Troy is the only team in the nation that has both the 2007 national championship teams on its schedule. Troy will not be afraid to take on the Buckeyes after playing the team that handed OSU a 38-24 beat down in the Sugar Bowl last year (I just had to get another reminder in there). Appalachian State will be a distant memory. I can see the shirts already – “Remember Troy?” Editor's note yet again, I would totally buy one of those.
*For some reason, and I really have no idea as to why, but I think Duke will make it to a bowl game this year.
*Bobby Bowden 373, Joe Paterno 372. That’s the career wins and neither is going to retire until the other steps down. But, my bold prediction is that Paterno dies this fall, resulting in Bowden leaving at the end of the season as the winningest NCAA football coach.

Heisman Winner:
Winner: Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech: I realize that a WR has not won the Heisman since Desmond Howard in 1991, but this kid is amazing. He had 134 receptions, nearly 2,000 yards receiving, and 22 receiving TD’s as a FRESHMAN last year. I know he ran back a couple punts for TD’s also. I’m sick of this award always going to QB’s and RB’s, and I think this is the guy to bring it back to a WR.
Runner-Up: Tim Tebow, QB Florida: This is where I will reveal facts to OSU fans about their OVERRATED Archie Griffin. Ole’ Archie only scored a TOTAL of 26 TD’s in his entire four-year career at OSU, and he actually rushed for LESS yards the second year he won the Heisman (1,620 vs. 1,357). Tebow had 23 rushing TD’s last year as a QB and almost 900 yards. He also threw for 32 TD’s, contributing to 55 TD’s total. How many passing TD’s did Archie have at OSU? The sad thing is that in today’s era, Tebow will have to top those amazing stats to win a second Heisman, whereas Archie sucked his senior year and they still handed him the award. Tebow (did I mention he is a WHITE QB?) almost had as many rushing TD’s in one season as Archie did in his entire career!! If Tebow does not win #2, then the fraud that is Archie Griffin should have to give his second Heisman to Tebow.

BCS Title Game
USC 35, Clemson 14

Uh oh, calling out Archie Griffin might just fire up the comments on this post. But, that's what we want. We want controversy. People call me an idiot everyday...time for you to feel the wrath as well, G-Saul. We're back with more Ohio State love tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

That was hilarious...so much jealousy. It was like reading Rosie O'Donnell finding faults that is the beauty known as Marisa Miller.

But, I guess when you have only won half a national championship in the last sixty years and are staring straight at a 7-5 season....bitterness will ensue.


rstiles said...

OSU fans should not talk, they had to have the help of a blind referee to make a call 5 seconds after the play in order to win their title...

Ohio State's 2002 title was a fraud....

GMoney said...

I do agree with him though that Archie's numbers were garbage. I wasn't alive and don't know who the competition was, but I have a hard time believing that he was the best player in the nation two years in a row.

Anonymous said...

TROY upsets OSU... I am definitely not drinking that Kool-Aid.

"Phantom pass interference call" Wait a second, that corner was all over Chris Gamble. After reviewing the play on youtube, Gamble was jammed his entire route (which was about 7-9 yards) Defensive players are able to jam or disrupt offensive players within 1 yard of the line of scrimmage. Contact after that is pass interference...Resulting in the correct, but late call.

As for G-Saul copping out and not picking this year's Kansas, I will go ahead and suggest Georgia Tech will turn some heads in the ACC this year. First year coach, Paul Johnson is a winner and has won at every level with his Triple Option Offense. His career record is a 107- 39 over 11 years. His last tenure was at the Naval Academy where he took the midshipmen to a record of 45-29, where it’s strict academic admissions hindered the ability to recruit top-tier recruits. Look for Coach Johnson to increase last year’s 5.6 rushing yards per play in a weak ACC this year.

GMoney said...

Who you be, anon?

Anonymous said...

This may be the most illogical, irrational and least thought out post I have ever seen on this blog. Now before I get rolling, I want to make clear that although I am among the biggest Buckeye fans that read this blog (and those who know me well would back me up on this), I personally think Ohio State will lose at Wisconsin this year and I am up in the air about USC. I also think James Laurinaitis is overrated and that an argument can be made for OSU being overrated based on the past 2 NC games. So I am not one of those Buckeye fans that is a complete homer and sees the world through Scarlet and Gray glasses. With that said, here I go.

Many of the reasons you give for Ohio State being overrated are just flat out absurd, especially since during this decade (2001-2007) there are only 2 major programs with a better win % than OSU (USC, Oklahoma). Saying Ohio State is overrated based on success they had in 2002 by citing the victories, including the National Championship game win, as justification for that view is only one example of the absurdity. Concerning 2002, you forgot to point out, that even though Ohio State won close games that year, they silenced all the critics by beating a Miami team that was the perennial favorite and had won 34 straight games (including the previous year’s National Championship in impressive fashion). Is it just me here, or does it seem extremely stupid to use a national championship won by a team as a reason for that team being overrated?

Along with that, you use Lloyd Carr's only win against Tressel as further reasoning that Ohio State is overrated by saying, “the same Lloyd Carr that lost to App. State last year.” You seem to ignore the fact that Tressel’s only loss against Michigan and Michigan’s embarrassment against App. State happened years apart. This ranks right up there with using a national championship as justification for a team being overrated as one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. By this justification, any program that has ever lost to Lloyd Carr during his entire coaching career doesn't deserve to be among the D1-A elite…EVER, regardless of the level of success they have had, are having, or will have.

Furthermore, you cite the loss to Texas as a reason for OSU being overrated, I don’t know how much college football you watch, but that Texas team was damn good. In fact, they went on to win the National Championship that year by toppling a USC team that, before the title game, ESPN was calling the "greatest team ever". Ohio State lost to them by 3 points in the 4th quarter after leading for most of the game and also held them to their lowest point total of the season.

Moreover, the general trend of using results from years 2002, 2003, 2004 as justification for a post asking which team is THIS YEAR’S most overrated team makes me question the intelligence of this post, considering NOBODY on this year’s roster played on any of those teams (although they may have been Redshirted in 2004).

If you are actually saying OSU is the most overrated team of this year, when you have them at #4 in your rankings, then this post is laughable. For you to have them a full 2 spots below what the consensus among the polls seems to be, one of 2 things must be wrong here. Either you refused to actually find the most overrated team of this year by figuring out if any team was ranked more than 2 spots higher than they should have been, and instead just spewed out the first thing that popped into your head, or you just flat out hate Ohio State because they have made Michigan their bitch. Its probably a combination of both.

Your arguments about Archie Griffin not being worthy of the Heisman make me think you aren’t worthy of writing a college football preview. I would hope anyone who would post on this topic on such a prestigious blog would at least be required to have some prerequisite knowledge of the game of college football. It seems to me that you don’t. Look at the stats of all the Heisman Trophy winners from 2007 back until its inception. The further you go back, the less impressive the stats will be, because of the styles of offense the teams played. A lot of spreading the carries around among multiple backs, along with very little passing, meant many of the nations elite backs weren’t achieving the statistical milestones they are today. Also, much can be said about the fact that one reason Archie’s TD’s were so low, and I’m sure the voters knew this, was because the Buckeye’s short yardage (AKA Goalline) back at the time was Pete Johnson, who happens to be in the College Football Hall of Fame and has the Ohio State career and season record for rushing TD’s.

Lastly, I said above that an argument can be made for Ohio State being overrated because of their performance in the last 2 National Title games, but an argument can also be made that Ohio State is not overrated. In the past 3 years the Buckeyes have lost only 5 times. Each time was to an eventual BCS Participant. Four of them won their BCS Game and finished in the top 3 in the final polls. Three of the teams finished the season as national champions. Say what you will about Ohio State being overrated, but please at least have good reasoning to back it up.

'Lil Strut

*Sorry about what turned out to be a rebuttal blog in itself.

Anonymous said...

I bow to Lil' Strut. He just dropped the hammer on this ignorant post. That was a beautiful piece of rebuttal work Mr. Strut.


JP said...

This post is one of the worst posts I've read in the blogosphere in a long time. My god that was some horrible, completely bias based ranting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Drew

Lil' Strut

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed. That post was based on your love for Michigan, which has only brought you despair in recent years. I am sure that if Michigan were in this position, you would be in full support and not making bogus arguments.

Lil Strut: AMAZING


GMoney said...

Whew, I'm glad that I didn't write this today. Li'l Strut, write a book next time.

GSaul, you better show up soon to defend yourself.

JP, don't shoot the owner in this case, shoot the messenger. I'm on "blogging vacation" this week.

Anonymous said...

HAHA, "typical" OSU fans...always attacking the messenger and not the message. Let's see, I have now been called 1) jealous, 2) ignorant, 3) illogical, 4) irrational, 5) completely biased, and 6) a maker of bogus arguments. This was all without even saying one positive thing about Michigan (which I agree, there is not much to say).

To my fellow posters:

This was a blog about "predictions." Please name one thing that I said about any "past" event about OSU football that was not a FACT. Here is the defintion of "prediction" for you: a prediction is a statement or claim that a particular event will occur in the future. Just because you do not like my opinion about those facts, does not mean that the facts are wrong. I also was unaware that you are not allowed to take past facts into consideration when making a prediction, which is called predicting a pattern.

To Drew: Four of our top 5 teams are the same, yet you deem my blog horrible and your's great. OSU fan hypocrisy at its finest! We are both high on Texas Tech and Clemson also.

To Lil Strut: Your post is articulate, which is more than I expect out of most OSU fans, so I commend you. But I do not agree with you. How can I make a prediction about an overrated team without looking at their past seasons? My point is that OSU has been ranked #1 many times over the past few seasons, and every time they have lost to another team in the top 5. Texas, Florida, and LSU come to mind. I mention the 2002 team in my argument because even when they finally did come through, they did not do it in convincing fashion that year. I agree, Lloyd's loss to App. State has nothing to do with the 2003 season, but I just wanted to throw a few things in there just to piss people off.

Also, when did I say Archie Griffin was not worthy of the Heisman? I said he was not worthy of TWO Heisman's, in the context of an argument on Tebow going for #2. Your mention of his own teammate, Pete Johnson, scoring more TD's than Griffin only strengthens my argument.

Finally, I am being criticized for ranking OSU #4. A team can be overrated and still ranked fourth. I didn't know that they were mutually exclusive like you seem to argue. Like I said, OSU will be ranked high because they will dominate the Big Ten, but they will be considered overrated until you can beat a top 5 team. Good luck against USC this year.

So all in all, the stereotype of OSU fans appears to be true. I didn't rank OSU #1 in the nation, even though I agree they are a solid top 5 team. Therefore, I must know absolutely nothing about the entire sport of college football. I'm sure that you all will enjoy the rest of the blogs ranking the Bucks #1, and then talking about how great and knowledgable the rest of the bloggers are about college football. Thank you to all OSU fans on here for proving my point!


GMoney said...

I think that the one thing we can agree on is that all Ohio State fans are arrogant and abrasive assholes.

Let's tone down the marathon comments, fellas. I'm too lazy to read them thoroughly.

Tony B. said...

The Beatles are overrated and I still consider them the best band ever. Teams can be overrated and great at the same time.

This is how I'm beginning to feel about most OSU/Michigan arguments:


Anonymous said...


I bring your attention to the last line of my blog "Say what you will about Ohio State being overrated, but please at least have good reasoning to back it up." I wasn't criticizing you for saying OSU is overrated, I was criticizing you because your reasons were horrible.

Also, I believe the question was "most overrated" and I still stick my my claim that you having them at #4 and "most overrated" makes no sense. My problem was that AT BEST, OSU could only be overrated 3 spots higher than you had them rated, and you could not find a single team in the entire Top 25 that should have been more than 3 spots lower than their current ranking. That alone makes your characterization stink of bias and resentment, regardless of the fact that you treat losing to the eventual national champion as the scarlet letter of college football. You claim they don't show up against the top teams, but how about Texas and your Wolverines in 2006. Regardless of where they ended up (and how a loss can effect the rest of a season)those were big games against big time teams in the national spotlight.

In regards to my response to you calling Archie overrated, I simply made a comment about how times were different back then than now. The fact that you say Archie sucked at all, when even with that many yards per season, we was able to accumulate enough over a career to break the NCAA Career Rushing Record shows a) that times WERE different and b) your bias and not your knowledge is again truly what controlled your post. And no, Pete Johnson's TD total does not aid your argument that Archie didn't deserve it, it aids my argument that offenses were different and different backs served different functions as the ball was spread around. Not to mention, when was the last time you saw a guy break the NCAA Career Rushing Yards record and not take home the Heisman.

Again, I was not criticizing your opinions, I was criticizing your logic and rationale behind your opinions, because your other predictions (including the one about Troy possibly beating OSU) although I may not agree with them, actually have some sensical backing to them. The pieces I commented about all show a complete Michigan bias/Ohio State Resentment/lack of Thought put into your post, which is what I was addressing.

Lil' Strut

GMoney said...

I fucking worried that this kind of stupid shit was going to happen. How about a joke to lighten the mood?

Two dicks walk into a bar. The bartender wouldn't serve the black one.

Is that my best work? No, and it really doesn't make sense. But it's still much better than debating the play calling of a team from the 1970's. Save that talk for when you're sharing pitchers of regular Busch down at the Amvets, assholes.

rstiles said...

I agree, if you don't rate Ohio State #1 and say they are the best their fan's pussies get all sore...they cannot accept the fact that the college football world does NOT revolve around the Woody Hayes Center...

rstiles said...

In general, OSU fans feel it is okay to run their mouth and pop off about Michigan, but if you rate their team anything but #1 they get pissed off and cry like little bitches...

Too fucking bad!!!...Ohio State sucks ass!!!

Anonymous said...

Fellas, do not dignify this post with responses. It is the work of a bitter man who is pissed that his beloved Wolverines are a second rate program now. I respect the passion 'Lil Strut, but cut GSaul some slack. He loves his team and hates that their program is in shitter. We just have to learn when you are the best, people are going to take shots at you.

Take heart, I will restore order to this blog tommorrow.

With all these comments, who needs G$?


Dustin said...

1. You guys are all ass clowns
2. Nobody bitched that OSU wasn't ranked number one. When you call out Ohio State for something every chance you get, you're going to get a response. I still don't see the point of bring up Archie Griffin. I thought these were predictions.
3. I agree with 'lil strut- if Ohio State is overrated, then why do you rank them 4th?

That's all.

GMoney said...

I'm going to put an end to this. Look, you HAVE to think that the Buckeyes are one of the 5-6 best teams in the nation based on talent alone. But that doesn't mean that they can't be overrated as well. Most people have them in the top 3, GSaul doesn't. He thinks that they are overrated.

This argument is over.

sweetbob said...

thanks for the comment on my blog...I'm not sure if I enjoy "the common man" moniker. He owns his own production company and he's been on ESPN television. I would like to see them take a random guy from the Honda plant in Marysville and put him with Torg.

I like your college football preview posts, I can tell you live in Columbus.

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