Friday, July 18, 2008

Ohio State Fans Hate Titletown

We've had a lot of fun talking smack about Ohio State this week. It started with our mocking of Jim Tressel on Monday and, of course, that spilled over into Tuesday because Buckeye fans can't let anything die. But it's time we give them some credit. I know, I know, it's hard to even think about that, but I think that this time they have earned it. From some OSU website:

Thursday’s event at OSU (Columbus's TitleTown segment) – which was held between St. John Arena and Ohio Stadium – was similar to ESPN’s College GameDay program. Wendi Nix was the host and she interviewed two-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin on the set (one of his Heismans was also perched on the set). Over 200 Ohio State fans showed up dressed in full Buckeye gear.

200! Considering that, when GameDay is in Columbus, there are anywhere between four and five thousand people around that set, I wouldn't be happy about this turnout if I were ESPN. But then again, TitleTown truly is a fucking awful idea. Hell, when it broadcasts next Monday on Sportscenter, they're going to have to CGI in some extras to make it look like central Ohio actually gives a shit. Can you really blame Buckeye fans though? Not since ESPN unleashed the 'Who's Now" plague onto the world has an idea been so stupid. How can Parkersburg, WV compete with New York City for the moniker of Titletown? P'Burg: We've won the state football title for the past 10 years in WV! NY: We won the Super Bowl last year, case closed. It's just ridiculous.

Seriously, it takes a truly horrific premise for Buckeye fans not to come out in full force, pound their chests, and scream at you about how great they think they are. So does this mean that OSU fans are getting smarter and more reserved? That they aren't taking themselves so seriously anymore? That they won't drink a few beers on game day and immediately start looking to fight someone smaller than them?

Nah. That can't be true. They are just as insane as ever, maybe even crazier than we like to think. I enter into evidence Exhibit A:

Jim Tressel held a book-signing for his latest 200+ pages of lettered toilet paper on Wednesday evening at the OSU bookstore from 7-9 pm. People/Idiots were lining up at 6 am for a chance to get a non-personalized autograph (they actually made a point to say that Tress was only going to sign his name) on a book. 13 hours wasted for 10 damn letters on a book that they won't be able to read anyway.

Some things never change. Even when Buckeye fans do a good thing like spurning ESPN, they make up for it by encouraging more football coaches to write books. But I digress. I'm heading to a She-Money family reunion this weekend (can't wait to answer all of those questions!), I'll be back Monday with another edition of GMoney's List. You remember that, right?


And One said...

Yes; but they were dressed in full Buckeye gear so each person counts double.

The Ghosts said...

I love all the OSU banter, especially from an Ohio native. I forget, who's your college team?

J Beanie said...

Silly Ohio State fans. They remind me squirrel trying to cross the road, seeing a car coming, stopping, turning back and forth, back and forth not know which way to go and finally dashing quickly and just barely making it to the other side but sometimes they don't.

GMoney said...

Ghosts, I'm actually not a very big fan of BCS football (I know, I'm gay). I was born a fan of MAC football and it will always be that way. I graduated from Miami so that helped...Travis Prentice, bitch.

Anonymous said...

I thought you mayber were going to recognize the awesomeness of OSU football, and then you end up making fun of the fans yet again. I am once again disappointed.

Yes you are gay for liking MAC football.

Have fun at the reunion. Getting wasted and talking to old people is a good weekend.


Tony B. said...

ESPN makes up these mythical championships (Who's more now? and Titletown) and for that they are insufferable. They're bad enough for continuing to employ Skip Bayless and Joe Morgan. Luckily for them, if I could inject ESPNews into my vein, I would.

Matt said...

I haven't been in Columbus in 5 years... and that was the last time we won a real championship. How is Columbus even in the running?

Anonymous said...

Where's Cleveland???

E-SPAN said...

Idiot... you realize it's the summer... and 95% of the student body went home for the break.

That's why you get 4-5,000 for gameday.


GMoney said...

Oh, I understand that, E-SPAN. I'd be willing to bet that 80% of OSU fans are not students (and High St isn't really a ghost town right now anyway). But there are well over a million people living in the Columbus area and they drew 200. And it's not indictment of the fans anyway. It just shows that not even Buckeye fans care about TitleTown.

Idiot. Feel free to never comment here again.

Anonymous said...

"13 hours wasted for 10 damn letters on a book that they won't be able to read anyway."

That is an awesome line. I tip my hat to you.


Mac G said...

I watched Nelly and Skip Bayless cluelessly debate Lebron's game the other day on ESPN so maybe crap is just expected from ESPN.

I always wondered how these ideas (Who's Now, Titletown,who is the best college football team of all time) get out of production room in Bristol.

A J Crew U alumni and MAC football, eh?I always love the Big 10 uses that league as a minor league for their coaches.

I will admit my Hawkeyes would struggle in the MAC this season.

SMK said...

OK, so yeah, I'm annoyed at the obvious Ohio State Repugnance displayed on this site, however to bash Miami (also my alma mater) and other MAC schools for producing Big Ten coaches is completely imbecillic. I mean seriously name one coach who came went to a BT school, coached at one, then became head coach... And Michigan Men don't count because as we all know Ann Arbore is a W$*%E

Mac G said...

Iowa bitch slapped Ben R and Miami Ohio twice. That was my point. I could be wrong about coaches and I am drawing a blank right now.