Monday, June 16, 2008

Yes, Eh, Yes

OK, The Money Shot is going to be a little light on content this week. I'm only working 2.5 days this week, deal with it. It's the summer, people take time off to recharge their batteries. Anyway, you are going to get your posts but they will be shorter so you may need to liven things up in the comments. Either way, suck my balls.

YES! - I admit that from Friday to Sunday, I watched somewhere between 16 to 18 hours of the US Open. Why? Because it was fucking phemonenal, that's why. Whether you believe that Tiger is really injured is a moot point...he proved this weekend why he is the number 1 draw in sports. Wow. The clutch putts that he sunk all weekend were just breathtaking. And I've got to give some love to Rocco Mediate as well. As a big Tiger fan, I tried to hate the guy...I really did. But it is impossible. Mediate rules. How can you not love a guy who hams it up with the crowd, appreciates and embraces the moment, and has a gigantic ass? I don't know how the playoff will end today but either way, that was one great tournament. It's a fucking shame that I am stuck at work and can't watch it either. Damn me and my need for money.

EH? - Little E won his first race since 19-dickety-2 yesterday!!! We had this race on the medium screen, I admit it. I couldn't believe that apparent douchebag and guy that lives about 25 houses away from my parents, Sam Hornish, Jr, was in second with a handful of laps to go. He's terrible and has Dylan McKay sideburns! I was rooting against him though...fuck that guy. Anyway, I should have done some research on this and gambled on it. Little E had not won in 76 races. Big Dale won 76 races in his career. And it was freaking Father's Day! I should have known all of this and made my millions. It's a good story though and this blog congratulates Little E for ending his sucktitude.

YES? - Ah yes, the fixed league. Game 5 of the NBA Finals was last night and while the Lakers did everything that they could to choke again, Kevin Garnett's hands were just a little too tight around his own neck. So we go back to Boston now where the Celtics will wrap it up Tuesday night. Clearly, they are the far superior team in this series. It isn't even close. It was extremely nice to get a Chris Mihm sighting last night! The best part about this is that I will be watching the second half of this game on Tuesday night at the heart of Boston hatred...and I can't wait.

Back tomorrow...briefly.


Anonymous said...

Don't rip on my former classmate and friend Mr. Hornish!

Golf was Amazing!

Little E, yeah he was in one hell of a drought thats for sure.

and don't forget about the Fixed league. I heard Dick Vavetta or whatever his name is, was reffing last night, His name was mentioned in connections with Donahy,, Man Stern is an idiot these days.

rstiles said...



J Beanie said...

We had to say "dickety" because the Kaiser had stolen our word for "twenty." I chased him down the road but gave up after dickety-six miles...

Why the slack off this week? WHere you going?

GMoney said...

Patience, my pet...that question will be answered tomorrow. Let's just say that I'm off to taste an old Skinner family recipe for steamed hams.

Tony B. said...

Totally laughed at the Chris Mihm reference b/c I thought the exact same thing. I looked up and, out of nowhere, the blinding brilliant beacon of light known as Chris Mihm was on the screen and I thought, "What? That guy's still alive?"

GMoney said...

Holy fucking shit wow! We're going into more sudden death at the Open. And I'm still fucking stuck at work.

J Beanie said...

I don't know why I'm still at work. Not doing anything besides hitting refresh on