Sunday, May 18, 2008

Putting The Series To Bed


The 2007-08 season of my beloved Cleveland Cavaliers has officially ended. The Boston Celtics closed our shop down yesterday evening in a grinder of a 7th game. It was a pretty awful series that featured offensive ineptitude the likes of which have never been seen before. But game 7 lived up to the hype. And although the outcome did not work out the way that I wished, the drama was fantastic. Both teams actually played like they wanted to win and not hoping that the other would lose. Unfortunately, my prediction was just a little too accurate for my liking. From my post before the first round:

Celtics over Cavs in 7 - I hate saying this because of my general disdain for the city of Boston and my love of all things Cavaliers, but they aren't going to beat the Celtics. But, I think that this series will open the eyes of people everywhere (regarding the Celtics' glaring deficiencies like an incompetent coach).

So, as the title of today's post suggests, we are going to put the Eastern Conference Semifinals matchup between the Cavs and Celtics to bed today. I'll be talking about each team individually and then sum things up in a neat little package at the end as I am oh so accustomed to doing.

--LeBron was terrific in all aspects during game 7. Unfortunately, it took him too long in this series to figure out the defenses being thrown at him. I think that he needed to try and get his teammates more involved yesterday though.
--Delonte West can play. He played with a ton of guts and shut down the fluke of Rondo for 6 out of 7 games.
--Z's back to the basket game is just awful. He shouldn't be getting pushed around by Perkins.
--Ben Wallace, Joe Smith, and Andy all played hard but the flaws in their games are just titanic. But they didn't back down from Garnett and I respect that.
--I love Wally, but he wasn't ready to play in game 7. It's hard to justify him not getting traded this offseason. He needed to have a good finish to the series and he didn't.
--World's Greatest Shooter, Damon Jones, got waaaaaay too much burn in that game. If he isn't hitting 3's, he's about as worthless as it gets.
--I thought that Mike Brown did a good job...there, I said it.
--Injuries hurt this team all season long and you have to wonder if the game plays out differently if Titties Gibson has a good shoulder. My Lord, the injury bug just killed them this year.

--This team is not going to win a title this year or next year or the year after that. When you have 75% of your salary cap tied down to a guy who shows up for one game, a guy that does nothing on either end, or a star that defers in the 4th quarter, you're done...and you aren't a threat.
--On the same note, they're going to lose a home game eventually (it's happening in game 1 vs. Detroit), and then they are fucked. How can you be so poor on the road???
--Doc Rivers is a horrible coach. I realize that it worked out, but during crunch time he had both PJ Brown AND Eddie House on the court at the same time. He's a moron and when they get eliminated in a week and a half, he'll be an unemployed moron.
--Ray Allen is just a bad NBA player. I'm thinking that the C's need more than good free throw shooting out of him.
--KG once again sucked in the 4th. I don't know what it is about him, but for all the screaming and muffled cursing that he does, he really is a pussy. He has no balls. He's been in the league for 13 years now and he's still scared to take big shots.
--Paul Pierce was awesome. But as a Cavs fan, I could have done without the front-rim 3 in the first half and the soft-rim free throw near the end. That just pissed me off.
--PJ Brown scored 10 points...ugh. He lucked his way into rebounds of two AIR-BALLS and put them back in. We just didn't catch enough breaks yesterday.
--Eddie House and James Posey are still sacks of shit. Rajon Rondo is a very average point guard.

So what do I take from this series as a Cavs fan? Well, I knew that we probably weren't going to repeat as Eastern champs. All that I really wanted was to play like they were still the champs. If the Cavs were going to get beaten, make the other team earn it. And I think that they did. I'm proud of my team. The Celtics were pushed to the brink and caught a few breaks, but they earned the series victory. I'm not mad. I'm not bitter (well, not that bitter). The fact remains that the Cavs could have won 3 games in Boston and didn't have it in them to steal one. So it's over...and I'm sad.

What happens in the next few months is a mystery. I'm thinking that Dan Gilbert will sit down with Idiot Ferry and LeBron and discuss Mike Brown's future (I know that that sounds weird, but if we want him to stick around after 2010, he needs to have a say in this). They will also need to make decisions regarding whether they want this same team to come back or if they can package some of the 28+ million in expiring contracts to get another star. And holy shit, we actually have a first round draft pick this year so we should probably scout some kids for that. Either way, it will be an interesting offseason in Cleveland.

Back to the playoffs, I'm one of those guys that will never root for the team that knocked my team out. But it's a tough call now that the Celtics are playing against a team from Detroit. I can't root for the Pistons. I can't root for the Celtics either. So I guess I will be pulling for the Celtics to lose while at the same time not actually rooting for the Pistons. I'm not sure that this is a possible feat, but I'm going to give it a shot nonetheless.

And don't feel bad for me, my fan-dom continues onto the next sport. After all, the Yankees are doing well, right? Hello??? Jason Giambi's wearing a golden thong now? Sweet...


rstiles said...

What a freakin day - the Mets pound the Yanks 11 to fucking 2!!!!!

Matt said...

Go Western Conference!

Tony B. said...

I'm in full agreement about hating the Celtics and Pistons (I'm 100% sure I hate the Pistons more) and I hate the Lakers. I even hate the Spurs. I guess the Hornets are my only option, but I don't really like them.

Why'd you have to age and retire MJ? If Magic can cure himself of HIV, there has to be a way to get Jordan back on the court.

J Beanie said...

Now it's back to hating you and all that you stand for (well just the Yankees and Redskins). Where you say it wasn't Mike Brown's fault, I disagree. His rotation and timeouts and lack of doubling Pierce really hurt the Cavs.

GMoney said...

Last time I checked, Mike Brown didn't take any shots or fail to get a loose ball.

J Beanie said...

No, but it's his fault those guys are the ones on the floor and not ready to play.

Anonymous said...

G$- I hate this argument:

"Last time I checked, Mike Brown didn't take any shots or fail to get a loose ball."

If that's the case, when can a coach or manager ever be criticized?