Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Most Overrated Player In Baseball

He was supposed to be a 30/30 man. He was supposed to be the best lead-off hitter in the game. He was supposed to get better every year. He was supposed to be a main cog in bringing a championship to a city desperate for a title. He was supposed to win the MVP award this year per Peter Gammons. He was supposed---enough of that, Indians fans won't say it, but I will.

Grady Sizemore is the most overrated player in baseball and he is killing his team.

This may not be a national feeling, but since this blog resides in Ohio, this needs to be said. You NEVER hear anything bad about Sizemore. For some reason, he's untouchable. Is it because he is loved by gay bloggers? Or his section of overweight and smelly female fans? Who knows really, but I can tell you one thing...if you want to point fingers as to who's fault it is for the Tribe's extreme offensive ineptitude, it starts at the top of the lineup. It starts in centerfield. It starts with Dimples.

Leadoff hitters shouldn't be getting on base at a .379 clip. They should not be hitting .255. Hell, Johnny Damon has better numbers than that. Those are Tony Womack numbers! They shouldn't have 29 runs almost one third of the way through the season. They should not be averaging almost a strikeout per game. Now, I'm not saying that Sizemore needs to be like Willie Mays Hayes by beating the ball into the dirt and legging out infield singles. No, not at all. But he does need to start performing like the superstar that Indians fans want him to be. Because, over the last year and a half, he has been a flat out disappointment. Even during last year's playoff run, their leadoff hitter didn't have a very good year.

Now, I know what you're going to say, "Dickhead, you just hate the Indians and are still mad that they knocked out the Yankees last year." True and true. I'm not going to deny that. But that doesn't mean that I'm wrong. Hell, I was more than happy to draft Sizemore in my money fantasy league this year just because of his insane potential...and now I want to cut him for Barry Zito. Seriously, he doesn't do anything on the field exceptionally well.

He should be a better base stealer than what he's shown. His average is garbage. He should forget about jacking homers and focus on the gaps. His defense is pretty good and his arm is OK. The defense hasn't been a problem though. The Tribe doesn't need nightly web gems. They need to score runs to assist with their surprisingly stellar starting pitching. It's been the lack of baserunners that has killed this underachieving squad. And you have to place most of the blame on your lead-off hitter for that.

In conclusion, Indians fans can blame the corpse of Hafner or No Homer Victor or Dellucci or Casey Blake or whoever! But don't make Sizemore blame free...this is just as much his fault as it is anyone's. If not more.

Have a good weekend, look for me on Saturday at The Memorial.


jessegscott said...

G$ - Grady had a solid year last year, and in 2006 had a phenominal year. I kind of get what your saying though. Although Gady is a homo! Have fun satruday. Hope Phil makes the cut!

J Beanie said...

can't help but think that our argument on my site yesterday helped prompt this post today.

Anyway, I won't totally disagree with you. Grady isn't playing that well but is by far not the reason the Indians are awful. He's having a bad year and it looks like a great year compared to others on the team. He isn't getting a free pass in the Cleveland papers, either. Paul Hoynes wrote...

"...Grady Sizemore, the third offensive pillar, doesn't get a free pass. He's been OK, but has yet to meet the front office's prediction as a walk-on-water ballplayer."

Is that good enough for you? He calls out Grady and the front office.

So as average as Grady's been, it's the other guys we are more worried about. If Grady is hitting doubles and batting .330, what good does it do if no one is hitting behind him?

And I'll disagree with the Grady's Ladies call to. While some may be ugly, the majority are hot. At the game last Sunday, we sat relatively close to a group of five who were all smoking hot.

GMoney said...

Jesse, .277 with 155 K's in 2007 is not solid. That's what you want from Jason Giambi, not your leadoff hitter.

Beanie, you're right, you and your boyfriend's asinine opinions from yesterday helped. Good for Paul Hoynes, too! Honestly, I had never heard any criticisms. It's always Hafner and Vic, but good for Paul for being smart and thinking like me.

Grady's Ladies wouldn't even be considered hot in Pittsburgh. Your standards are too low.

rstiles said...

Grady Sizemore is a good player...but he ain't no superstar...he is NOT a leadoff hitter...

He ain't got nuthin on my boy Josh Hamilton...

BTW, where is the Pete Rose picture?....

Matt said...

That's 2 days in a row with gay porn... are you telling us something?

Sizemore's .372 OBP puts him 14th in the AL, first amongst leadoff hitters. His OPS is 3rd amongst CFs. And all this with a BABIP 50 points lower than his norm. He's already pretty good this year and he's only getting better. I blame just about anybody else.

Vegas Watch said...

"Jesse, .277 with 155 K's in 2007 is not solid."

You're picking out the only statistics that make your case, and they're the wrong ones.

Last year he had a .390 OBP, 24 homers, and 33 SBs at about an 80% clip. I think I'd take that from my CF, especially one who isn't bad defensively.

Batting average may matter in your fantasy league, but it doesn't in real life.

GMoney said...

Oh yeah? Well,'re ugly!

I don't care, he should be much better than he is. He isn't passing the "eye test" right now. I don't see superstar. I don't see a leader.

Anonymous said...

G$- this post is long overdue. I can't stand the love affair that goes on between grown men Indians fans and this clown. The guy has never even hit .300 for a season, yet he's Jesus. Sometimes I wonder if these same Sizemore fans are also Derec Alexander fans?

PS- Omar Vizquel is not a HOF caliber SS. Alan Trammel didn't make the hall of fame with a .285 career average with many seasons well above .300, topping out at .343. He was also a great defensive SS. He won 4 gold gloves, went to 6 AS games, won 3 Silver Slugger awards, was the 1984 WS MVP. If you think Omar is HOF material, SHUT UP!


GMoney said...

Look at Dut...bringing it strong!!!

In case any were wondering, I just received note that after 3 days at Muirfield with no sunscreen, Buke's face is so sunburnt that it is purple.

GMoney said...

I guess that this little pep talk worked...the queer hit 3 dingers this weekend.

Rebecca said...

Could someone please note that he is a 30/30 guy? You may be right that he shouldn't be a leadoff hitter, but until the Indians can find someone who can do better, he is going to keep showing up and doing his job. It is normal for him to see 20 pitches a night, and he has ninty walks. Compare that to Johnny Damon (who seemed to be a favorite arguement in the blog) who has 59 and Maglio Ordonez (who we never stop hearing about in Ohio) who only has 45. So the leadoff hitter is getting on can you blame him now? Last I checked there are no ghost runners, and he can't get up and hit for Martinez or Dellucci or whoever else isn't hitting. It isn't his fault if he is on base an no one can hit him in.
If you want to say he is a waste of an outfielder, look at the effort and dedication he puts into the game every night. He regularly makes web gem catches at the ends of seasons when the games don't matter any more. He stretched a single into a double in the first game of spring trainging when everyone else was just dogging it. I know that everyone goes through a slump now and then, but if you hustle and give it your all, you are likely to come out of it that much quicker. I'd rather have Grady's hustle and determination than the lackluster and lackadaisical effort put out by the last Indian to wear the number 24. Manny being Manny just got him traded.

Anonymous said...


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