Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Can Someone Shoot This Guy Already

There are many things in life that I don't understand: Why do shitty drivers get in the left lane? Why would a grown man ever put ketchup on a hot dog? Why are hillbillies enthralled by fireworks? And finally, why do people keep interviewing Pete Rose?

Pete Rose hasn't been relevant for over 2 decades yet Dan Patrick has no problem pulling him onto his dying radio show yesterday. Why??? What does Prince Valiant have to say now that offers any semblance of creative or progressive journalism? There is absolutely nothing that Rose could say that would have any credibility with baseball today or change the opinion that people have toward him.

Anyway, he went into greater depth with Dan about his gambling days. You remember, those games that he didn't admit to gambling on until 2004 when he was selling his tell-all book. He said, and I'm paraphrasing because I'm too lazy to cite SI's article, that he always bet two grand per game no matter what. It didn't matter who was pitching, he was putting two large on the Reds.

HOW IS THIS NEWS??? Unless you've been flipping through channels and saw Rose hocking autographs on QVC or been on the receiving end of a terrible haircut, I'm willing to bet that you hadn't thought about Pete Rose in years. This isn't going to change anything anyway. The guy is a bucket of Randy Quaid's shit...always has been and always will be. He isn't getting into the Hall of Fame either. Let's just forget about him already. Ignore him like we ignore Mark McGwire. Because for my money (pun intended), what Rose did was worse than what Tim Donaghy did. They both are a giant black mark on their sport but at least Donaghy is going to be giving up the mob. Rose has given us nothing.

Pete Rose is truly pathetic. He's been a piece of garbage for his entire life and his desperate attempts to get back into the spotlight aren't fooling anybody (considering I'm talking about it, I guess that I was fooled...but I wasn't!). But, damn, the man sure knows how to fill out a pair of Speedo's.

I knew that there was a reason behind me saving that photo.


Upstate Underdog said...

I haven't thought about Pete Rose since he received the stink face from Rikishi at WrestleMania 200

J Beanie said...

Maybe ESPN should make a movie about Pete Rose so we can all know the true story and put this behind us.

(I have a feeling you saved that photo for other reasons too.)

GMoney said...

That movie sucked. Hustle, right? Tom Sizemore needed to be higher. Even sober, he's still better than Grady.

rstiles said...


Tony B. said...

Didn't he get choke slammed by Kane at a Wrestlemania as well?