Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bad Weekend For The O-Jay's

Let's get right into it today as the items are both erotic and juicy.

First up, a former friend of Orenthal James Simpson has written a book, that goes on stands this week, that mentions the subtleness of "OJ was high and admitted to killing his wife". Hmmmm, sounds like some information that could have been useful over a decade ago. This former friend of The Juice, Mark Gilbert, also says that he aided OJ by telling him to stop taking his arthritis medicine so that the leather glove would not fit his hand. Gilbert also helped Simpson launder much of the money he made off of memorabilia sales so that the Goldman's could not take it from him due to the wrongful death suit. So Gilbert wrote a book which implicates himself as a conspirator, an aider and abettor, and an embezzler...and this guy is not in jail how??? I know that I have some bright(?) legal minds that read this, tell me if this guy is in trouble.

Look, I'm all about sticking by friends when they're down on their luck but this is just a tad ridiculous. I mean, Gilbert did whatever it took to get OJ off on MURDERING HIS WIFE and some other dude but now things are different? To me, this seems like something that once you make that initial decisions, you take it to the grave with you. What can't be overlooked here is the medical knowledge of this likely idiot. I mean, how does a moron know that if a guy stops taking his meds that his hands will swell up? Get that guy into NASA or the CIA or something. That's pure genius. I also love that Gilbert KNEW that OJ killed these people yet didn't feel that their families deserved a penny from Simpson. Just priceless. OJ Simpson's life truly is the gift that just keeps on giving.

We all know that OJ did it. We don't need a book written by a guy with tax issues to change our minds. And even if this stuff is true, I prefer to think of OJ as Lieutenant Nordberg and not the knife-wielding, crappy golfer, murderer that he ended up becoming. And since America is such a great country, Juice can't be tried for the same crime twice...well done, America.

And then there's the other OJ. OJ Mayo, well, not really him anymore, but USC, is in big trouble. Reports from the weekend state that Mayo has been getting paid pretty much since he was old enough to walk. More specifically, an event promoter has been slipping cash and gifts to Mayo, on behalf of the agency that Mayo just signed with, since he's been at USC. Is anyone surprised by this? Don't forget that he got in trouble for accepting courtside seats from Colorado's favorite drunk driver, Carmelo Anthony. One, Mayo has about as checkered of a past as anyone (not like the other OJ though). Two, agents are slimeballs. And three, everyone knew that something like this was going to happen with Mayo anyway so why are we surprised. Tim Floyd danced with the devil with him and now he's going to get burned.

Here's the only rub I have on this: this came to light because one of OJ's inner circle members started singing to ESPN. The reason that Louis Johnson gives for being a narc is that he was being squeezed out of the circle. No, not because it was the right thing to do, but because he wasn't getting any piece of the action. Fuck this dude. You don't sell out your boy--your meal ticket--over this. You knew it was going on all along and stayed quiet. No wonder OJ pushed him away, he's a coward and a snake.

Was it right for Mayo to accept all of this stuff? Come on, we all know that it isn't. But it's part of the ugly underbelly of college athletics. This stuff happens everywhere and it's up to the people involved to stay quiet on it. Apparently, no one gave Louis Johnson that memo. Don't be naive. Every decent college athlete has done something illegal as far as NCAA rules go. Do you really think that Brady Quinn didn't wat a free steak in South Bend? Same with guys like Chris Paul or Tim Duncan or Reggie Bush (whoops).

And how about USC? With the Reggie Bush shit and now this coming to light, that school's athletic department could be in some serious shit. But it shouldn't be a one-way street. Why should the schools be the only one punished when these sleezebags are the ones that are breaking the rules? USC doesn't set out to find people to pay their athletes (I hope that's true). Yet everyone wants to pat these people on the backs when they admit to their own misgivings. Fuck that, send those cunts to jail and punish the takers. Don't punish the schools, they know nothing of this. Punish the athlete. They knew what they were doing and the risks involved...send their ass to prison or something. The school shouldn't be punished at all, they aren't babysitters.

Ugh, I'm getting all worked up about a couple of OJ's. I need to end this on a sexy note. So how about some vintage erotica? No, not any Traci Lords or Christy Canyon videos, we're going even sexier. Yep, enjoy this pic of Pete Rose doing what he does best...wearing a Speedo, sporting an awesome hairdo, and betting against his team. Welcome back to work, assholes, see you tomorrow. GO CAVS!!!


J Beanie said...

Lieutenant Nordberg is the greatest character in movie history.

I don't know why you have a probably with OJ (Mayo). I've been accepting money and gifts from you mom to read/comment/bring my insight to your blog.

GMoney said...

Hey, Ohio U alum, you might want to start proofreading your comments before hitting post. They might make a lot more sense.

J Beanie said...

Yeah, that'd help. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I understand your point that USC had nothing to do with paying OJ directly...... but they absolutely knew this stuff was going on. Why do you think the best high school player in America picked USC and Tim Floyd to be the school he would go to for a year??? Because he knew he could do whatever he wanted and Coach Floyd would stay out of his business. Floyd looked the other way and it is the same thing as him paying OJ himself.


GMoney said...

Boz, I actually read about the whole Floyd/Mayo thing last year. Floyd didn't even recruit him. Mayo called him and said he wanted to come there. He wanted to make himself into a star out in LA and Floyd said OK. I mean, you have to think that Floyd knew there was a ton of risk involved, but still. Kind of a weird story.

rstiles said...

This friend of OJ's better watch his thing you know, Orenthal will be paying him a visit

Tony B. said...

Reminds me of Dana Carvey's old bit about framing OJ.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you he would probably be guilty of either/or conspiracy or accomplice liability in evidence charges. However, one thing may be his saving grace, which could be the statute of limitations possibly running out to charge him with this in California. I am assuming he consulted an attorney before revealing his smoking gun regarding all of this. I would further assume he was advised that this was the case.

However, if he is convicted as a conspirator he wouldn't just be liable for conspiracy, but also of the any evidence charges OJ may be liable for as a co-conspirator, depending on the rules in California. As an accomplice, he would be liable for the acts as well, there are no seperate charges for being an accomplice as there are for being a conspirator. However, im sure the SOL has run out and he is free to do what he wants.

-Lil' Strut