Sunday, March 16, 2008

Smarch Madness II

Ohhhhh, I believe that we have a lot to talk about today, no? Between conference tournaments and the selection special, everyone has something to say. So let's get going otherwise Bobby Knight might interupt this post with another whimsical edition of Knight's Insights. We are just going to look at the big conference tourneys, a few other notables, and then the bracket. Fuck it, let't start.
--If the Douchebag Hall of Fame needed a recruiting video, they could use Tyler "Beaker" Hansbrough's wild fist pump celebration during the Va Tech semifinal.
--I've said it before and I'll say it again, Coach K will never win another title if his teams do nothing but shoot 3's.
--I'm with Seth Greenberg, who is a pretty likable guy by the way, the Hokies are one of the best 65 teams in the just need to win like one.
--I admit that I never thought much about Clemson being a player...not anymore. Constant full court pressing and hosses in the paint, they can play. Free throw shooting will come back to haunt them but I expect them to play well in the Dance.
--Tyler Hansbrough's Favre-ian media love is suffocating. It's just one more reason to hate the kid.

--Wow. What more can you say about Georgia??? That is flat out (I sound like Digger Phelps!) sick. Three wins in less than 30 hours in a pressure cooker environment. Now THAT is how you earn your way in.
--Tennessee has to get their shit together defensively and quickly. A potential second round matchup with Butler is not a good one for them if they are allowing easy baskets.
--I'm not sold on Vandy or Miss St.
--I still find it funny that the powers that be in the SEC decided to only allow friends and family into the games at Tech. Can you imagine how pissed off the UK faithful were??? I'm sure some wives had to explain their black eyes to the neighbors on Saturday.

Big 12:
--Fantastic championship game...KU and Texas are both Final Four caliber teams.
--Speaking of Texas, Kevin Durant couldn't do it but maybe DJ Augustin can make up for the rotten coaching skills of Rick Barnes.
--Same thing for Brandon Rush and Bill Self.
--Oklahoma might be the most boring team in the world.
--Apparently, if you lose in the first round of your conference tournament to the worst team in the league, the Selection Committee will grant you a tournament bid (we'll get into this more later).

Big Ten:
--I don't know why this is still considered a power conference. It's terrible.
--IU has no chance with that coach.
--Purdue has no chance with that youth.
--Michigan State has no chance with that overrated PG.
--Wisconsin has no chance with that many white guys.
--When Illinois, BRUCE WEBER'S Illinois, is playing for the title...your league sucks.
--Ohio State deserved the NIT. That isn't meant to be a harsh "You Suck!", I'm just saying...

Pac-10 :
--UCLA, when they are all on the same page, are not going to be stopped. Luc Richard Mbah-Amoute's (probably not correct spelling, but I tried) ankle could be an issue.
--After seeing the Lopez Twins live last year choke in the first round, I'm amazed at how dominant they are now. The Cardinal are Final 4 capable.
--OJ Mayo is the best player in the country. Hands down. I won't hear anything else. Beasley, Hansbrough, whatever...Mayo is the biggest difference maker and plays hard on every possession.

--Kent State is really fucking good. The RedHawks had their shot on Friday but MAC POY Al Fisher was just too much. If they survive the first round against UNLV, it will be interesting to see how they do against the Jayhawks.
--The Boise St./NMSU epic 3 OT game Saturday night was amazing. Reggie Larry turned into one of my favorite players.
--Might as well do the Big East here...same old same old. The boring, bruising teams always win that. No exception here. You can pencil Pitt into the Sweet 16 like you can every year.

--How the fuck did Baylor get in after losing to Colorado???
--That spot should have went to Dayton.
--If your dick doesn't get hard for the Mayo/Beasley first round matchup, you must be gay.
--For getting the #1 overall seed, NC got fucked in their bracket.
--Tennessee is the worst 2??? Fuck that.
--Indiana an 8 seed? That's a bunch of shit. If they get it together, they can beat Carolina in round 2.
--Xavier got fucked. They get the SEC champ in the first round? Sean Miller should be pissed.
--Butler is better than a 7. If Purdue gets a 6 after losing to Illinois, the Bulldogs should be a 3!
--Villanova was the last team in...OK, I can live with that. If your team didn't get in, they shouldn't be in anyway.
--10 seed South Alabama gets to play in Birmingham? Good to know that 10 seeds are being rewarded now. Same with Davidson playing in Raleigh. What a crock of shit.
--My WAY too early upset special...Davidson beats Gonzaga.

REMEMBER, The Money Shot has set up an NCAA Tournament group over at Yahoo. Everyone is welcome. Click the link and join. If you win, and you want to, you can do a guest post or just be recognized or however you want to do it. Since I am the smartest person ever, that shouldn't be an issue though.

Group ID# - 20090
password - poopsmells

I think that's it for today, but you all have an opinion on something. Address your concerns in the comments and we will discuss them in a timely fashion. As for me, well, it's Sunday night and I'm on pins and needles waiting for the NIT selection show at 9...PLEASE let the RedHawks in and send them to The Schott. I beg you. UPDATE!!! Yes, the RedHawks were included in the CBI Tournament and will face Tulsa on Wednesday night...hell yeah.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your CBI tourney bid. I would almost rather my team not be going anywhere, then have to say, "We're going to the CBI!"

I agree, OSU shouldn't be in. They suck and so does the Big 10. I am looking forward to seeing the huge guy (can't remember his name) from UNC Asheville play.

That USC/Kansas St. game should be awesome. Aside from the Beasley/Mayo showdown, Bill Walker and Mayo were teammates and best freinds in high school. It's funny how the tourney committee always has these very interesting pairings in the first round of the tourney.

Arizona St. should not be in. They lost to Illinois by 20! Enough said.


Anonymous said...

Bachman...The Big Ten may be down this year, but the fact is that since 2000 the conference has put 7 teams in the final four. That's why it's still a power conference.


GMoney said...

What have you done for me lately, Drew??? Illinois was in the championship game. You got one more team in the tourney than the WCC. The Wisconsin Whites are your champions.

I'm not pounding my chest about getting into the CBI, but Tim Pollitz deserves to play in a postseason tournament so I'll take it.


USC/Kansas State will be sick...I have a feeling that CBS will make that the late game on Thursday though.

J Beanie said...

I can't wait for a fourth meeting b/w OU and Miami in the semi's of the CBI.

J Beanie said...

It's amazing how much we think a like. My post will be up soon and a lot of the same thoughts are echoed.

Anonymous said...

What have we done lately???? Did you forget that Ohio State was in the championship game last year?

GMoney said...

No, I didn't. That was a good team but clearly they were a one year wonder.

Matt said...

So I'm not "excited" about two boy going at it... and that makes me gay?

I'm confused.

Anonymous said...

So...the conference has been averaging a final four team every year and has been in the national championship two out of the last three years, but it's not a power conference.

No bias there....riiiiiiiiight.

Anonymous said...

GMoney. I agree with everything you say pretty much. IU did get screwed in there seeding and would have a chance to beat UNC DJ will own Psyco T" Would love to see that match up.. I hate Dakich though. and have I ever mentioned I hate Roy Williams. Butler got the Nut Job too. they are damn good. I look for Xavier to go far in this tourney. I have Tennesse out early. I like your Davidson pick to GMoney. I picked them too. And for you Damman ASU may have lost by 20 to UI, but they beat the hell out of Xavier by 22!!! Beat Stanford and Beat Arizona 2 times. Arizona ia a joke! lose 8 out of your last 12 games and 8-10 record in the conference HOW did they get in? Blows my mind. Maybe GMoney can explain? Help us out Money Man! I guessing Arizona got in on Tradition and sentimental for Lute Olsen. You know what Screw Olsen and the Wildcats!

Tony B. said...

Can you give a middle finger to Beano Cook sometime? I just heard him on ESPN radio droning on and on and on and on and on, etc. I feel like he deserves the finger in a major way. Maybe you've already given one out to him...