Friday, March 14, 2008

Go Home, White Trash

Late last night, our beloved RedHawks treated the lowly Bobcats from Ohio U to an early exit from the MAC Tournament. Awesome. Now how could this be? On paper, OU is likely the better team. But they aren't, they are losers...always have been.

Could it have been the leadership of Mike Bramos, the hot shooting of guys who never score (19 points from Winbush and Moosmann!!!), this blog naming yesterday "Charlie Coles Day", or the crappy coaching of Tim O'Shea? I'll take a little bit of each please. Also, I'm pretty sure that Tim Pollitz is friends with Tim Donaghy. Jesus, he missed at least six uncontested lay-ups in the second half.

If fellow blogger and friend of this blog, JBeanie, is a man of his word, he will post a tribute to the victors this morning. It was a gentleman's agreement, I want you to follow through, dammit!!! Once I see that it's up, I'll have the link. UPDATE, he's a man of his word, here's his OU obituary.

And now we get the big dogs...Kent State. Since we already won the game that I really wanted to win (sending those fuckers back to Athens will ALWAYS be the most important thing to me), the rest of the tourney is icing on the cake. Wait, I don't like cake...let me think of a better's like a stripper feeding you a steak. Yeah, that's better. Do we have a chance tonight playing a much better team and it being our third game in three days? Probably not, but in Jermaine Henderson I trust.

As Ric Flair once said, "to be the man, you've got to beat the man". We are still the champs of the MAC and if Kent wants that title, they've got to go through us to get it.

It's been a long week...the boss is working me like this is a sweatshop...I'm exhausted. You've probably noticed that the quality of my posts has gone down the shitter. If you don't like it, start your own blog. I may be back tomorrow since I have to come in again...who knows. Have a good weekend and GO REDHAWKS!!!

Got any predictions for hoops this weekend? Drop them in the comments and we can discuss.


Anonymous said...

I root against the Redhawks on a fairly regular basis, but tonight will be more than usual. Kent has got to win that tourney in order to not steal any more possible bids from the Bucks even though a lot of bubble teams have already lost. Does Akron still have a shot at getting an at large? I haven't heard much about them lately. If they do have a shot, the MAC has to say a two bid league. By the way how old is Nick Dials? I believe he transferred from Ohio State in like '02. He has got to be like 30 years old.

Try to stay away from any Buckeye talk in this blog after 2:30 today. I am DVRing (I don't think that's a word) the game and am going to try to stay away from a score until I get home from work to watch it. I know you love Big Ten basketball. How awful were those games yesterday? I don't think anybody cracked 60 points.


J Beanie said...

It's up you bastard.

Upstate Underdog said...

I'll go out on a limb and say Xavier won't win the A-10 tourney.

GMoney said...

D, I think the Bucks are OK as long as they don't get blown out today. Akron has no shot because their SOS is somewhere around 2 million. I understand why you will be pulling for the Flashes won't be hurting my feelings.

UU, I disagree, it will take a monumental showing to beat X. Although the Redhawks did this year.

Kyle said...

Is Xavier going to know what to do with itself when it's not a 7 or 8 seed?

I have a prediction for this weekend: Billy Donovan gets sent to the NIT and wishes he was coaching Hedo Turkoglu instead of Nick Calathes.

flohtingPoint said...

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