Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Mail-In

Well, I'm a little bit tired today as I stayed up until 1:30 to watch the Stanford/UCLA game (which, by the way, was fantastic). I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Thursday night FSN Pac-10 games fucking rule. To make up for it, here's a pic of some UCLA skank courtesy of Pac 10 Poon. I've got 3 notes today and then I'm out, the boss is back from St. Louis so I have to get my "act like I'm working" shoes back on.

Guess what? My first ever interview for being a sick ass blogger was posted yesterday over at Stiles Points. It really makes you feel like a big man to have someone ask you questions. Check it out, I'm even more awesome than usual. And that is pretty fucking hard. By the way, that was the last time I give a free interview, it's $1000 a pop now.

Also, The Money Shot has set up an NCAA Tournament group over at Yahoo. Everyone is welcome. Click the link and join. If you win, and you want to, you can do a guest post or just be recognized or however you want to do it. Since I am the smartest person ever, that shouldn't be an issue though.
Group ID# - 20090
password - poopsmells

Finally, my legal counsel has shattered my dreams on this, but they've been fired and now I'm asking for my fellow blog commenters for some assistance. I think I know what I'm going to do in this situation, but I would appreciate any advice/wild schemes. So yesterday I get a speeding ticket on the way to work. It serves me fucking right for stopping at Starbucks for a shitty cup of coffee only because I had a gift card. Anyway, the cop nails me for 50 in a 35, I'm guilty, whatever. I'm not going to change because of a $92 piece of paper. FYI, me and my radar detector are NOT on speaking terms right now. OK, so he hands me the ticket and instead of my real first name, he writes "Craig" (which I fucking hate). Since my name isn't Craig, do I have a chance to get it thrown out if I fight it? My former lawyers say no, but what do they know? Let me know what you think. America is all about weaseling your way out of things based on technicalities. I think it's written on the Statue of Liberty.

I'm coming into work tomorrow, expect a weekend post. Out. Mmmmm, I should have went to UCLA.


Anonymous said...

Love the early morning eye candy! That girl is somethin'.

I'd show up at the court to protest the ticket. Often the cop won't show up and you get it thrown out then...worth a shot.

Nice interview although the Natty Light bashing was uncalled for.


flohtingPoint said...

Congrats on your interview man. Good stuff.

Upstate Underdog said...

How did Pam Ward not make your top 5 hottest sports/sideline reporters ?

J Beanie said...

hehehehehe, poopsmells.

The cop is right on. Who the hell names their kid Graig. I think you should get two tickets; one for speeding and the other for such a stupid name.

But loved the interview.

Matt said...

I beat a ticket once when a cop wrote me up for violating a "no u-turn" sign when that intersection only had a "no left turn" sign, so anything is possible.

Kyle said...

Good lord, who is that woman? I went to a Pac-10 school and never saw anything quite that beautiful.

I would take the ticket to court, show the judge your driver's license and ask "who the fuck is 'Craig?'" Worth a shot, unless of course he's a blog reader.

Tony B. said...

Isn't your dad named "Craig?" Blame it on your Pops, and he'll easily get out of it because he wasn't there.

Well, no, that would be pretty jacked up, but I think it would work.

GMoney said...

No, dad shares the same name as the frontman for BTO and The Guess Who. Maybe I should play it off like I'm the son of a celebrity and I need to avoid staying out of the tabloids.

saul hudson said...

Money Man, the best you can do is show up to your court date and speak with the prosecutor. Your best bet is that the officer does not show up and the prosecutor lets you slide. Again, a mistake in the name is NOT a material mistake, so you will more than likely pay even if you somehow sneak into the judges chambers and show him that the cop replaced a "G" with a "C." Goodluck. The above is not to be construed as legal advice(rather, a suggestion) and certainly no attorney/client relationshiop has been formed.

GMoney said...

I know that I promised a blog today but you aren't getting it. I trudged through a borderline level 3 snow emergency to come into work for 3 hours on a goddamn Saturday. I'm getting my shit done and heading my ass home. I miss my sweatpants. More witty banter to come Monday.

If you are really pissed off about a lack of a Saturday post, just keep looking at the UCLA chick...she will get you through this.

Anonymous said...

You should have stayed home! Be safe on the return commute. Hear from you monday.

--the Wig Master

GMoney said...

Who are you, Wig Master? I have a feeling that you are in the GFL...

flohtingPoint said...

I trudged through a borderline level 3 snow emergency to come into work for 3 hours on a goddamn Saturday.

Are you getting hit with that same weather system that smashed me here in St Louis? It was only one day long, but boy was it a blizzard (well, as much as I can tell, wtf do I know, I grew up in Phoenix).

Amaysing1 said...

Hmm...let's get an interview on the UCLA girl.

Anonymous said...

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