Monday, February 04, 2008

The Worst of The Super Bowl

Well, that was interesting, wasn't it? Before we get going, let's get one thing clear. That was not one of the biggest upsets ever. It was shocking, but I agree with the concussed Steve Young on this. If you look only at the playoffs, the game played out exactly as it should have. I was right when I told you to take the Giants with the points by the way. A couple of things before I start hammering the Patriots:

The Hall of Fame finally got it right. Congrats to Art Monk. He deserves it. And who doesn't like Darrell Green? Saturday was a great day to be a Redskins fan. Two of our best ever are getting into Canton. By the way, besides Anthony Munoz, are there any other Bengals in Canton???

If Giants D-Coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo, isn't the next coach of the Redskins, he has to be the worst interviewee of all time. I WANT this guy. He can coach. Please, Dan Snyder, don't fuck this up. This is our guy.

The Super Bowl commercials sucked. Bud Light is just getting ridiculous. No one likes Carlos Mencia so why are you still shoving him down our throats. My boy, Big Ben, should be embarrassed for that American Idol commercial. I should throw away my retro Ben jersey after that shit.

Say these next few sentences with me and allow them to sink in: Tom Coughlin won a Super Bowl. Eli Manning is Super Bowl MVP. It kind of makes you shudder.

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers put on the best Super Bowl halftime show I've seen in a long time. They sounded great and didn't squeeze in some new song that no one has heard of. Job well done there.

Joe Buck was suprisingly not piss-poor in the booth. Overall, FOX did a pretty good job with their telecast.

The NFL Draft is a few months away!!!

And now the worst...and trust me, I will not be walking away from the computer before I finish this post like the classless douchebag known as Bill Belichick.

5. Tiki Barber and Jeremy Shockey - I'm not 100% certain, but I don't think that I mind that the Giants are champs. I am sure that I'm overjoyed that Barber and Shockey had NOTHING to do with it. Tiki was at home stroking his ego and Shockey was in a box getting loaded. They had zero to do with that one. I couldn't be happier either. It's easy to say that the Giants added by subtracting these homos. It's even easier to question Tiki and Shockey's sexuality and calling them names. It's easiest to say that their legacies are tarnished forever. I like that one. They weren't needed to win the Super Bowl...that is music to my ears. Go ahead and act like a dick every time you catch a 5 yard pass next year, Shockey, we all now know that you aren't very important.

4. Junior Seau - Boo-fuckin-hoo. Oh, you mean that the football Gods don't like this kind of behavior? Go figure. When you sign a one day contract to retire with the Chargers, you are supposed to go away. Not change your mind two days later, sell out your fans, and try to backdoor a ring. You don't deserve one. You and your weird haircut need to go away. You tried to piggyback a ring and it didn't get the fuck out of my sight. It's embarrassing to see behavior like this, I'm glad that the football Gods agreed and stuck a railroad spike in your ass for emphasis.

3. Rodney Harrison/Ellis Hobbs - Quick question...when the Giants were in the red zone, why wasn't Asante Samuel covering Plax? Samuel is one of the 5 best corners in the league! Yet poor Ellis Hobbs gets abused and takes the blame. That's poor coaching, you should have your best on their best. And way to go Rodney HGHarrison!!! Not only did you make ZERO plays, you also got outplayed by THEE David Tyree. You know, the same David Tyree that, had it not been for Jared Lorenzen, would have been the worst player on the Giants this year. Go away, Rodney, you asshole. You can't play anymore.

2. Bill Belichick - Like I said earlier, FUCK YOU BILL for walking off the field before the game was over. ESPN pundits hammered Randy Moss when he did the exact same thing a few years back with Minnesota yet nothing is said regarding this cowardly display. You got beat, act like a man. That was horrendous. The NFL should fine him for that. As far as X's and O's go, do you kick the 49 yard field goal or go for it on 4th and 13??? Even an idiot would kick the FG. You lost by 3 points...coincidence? He was outcoached by Tom "Rat Boy" Coughlin TWICE this season. Maybe he isn't as smart as we want to think he is. And nice job being stubborn and not ordering some max protect on offense. Boy, that was a terrible coaching job last night. But it was not as bad as...

1. The Patriots O-Line - They lost the game. It's that simple. The Patriots bearded offensive line cost them the perfect season. They couldn't block anyone. Poor Tom Brady was on his back more than Kim Kardashian at the Source Awards (BAH-zing!). As a former offensive line great myself (my Loan Zone Player of the Week award from the regional semifinals proves it!), it was embarrassing to see them get manhandled like that. I don't blame Brady for anything, he played well for the most part. But when he's getting smacked in the jaw every other play, anyone would be a bit rattled. And it's not like (next Redskins coach) Spagnuolo was sending the house every play. It was all generated from the front four. That should haunt those guys all summer. They couldn't pass protect, they couldn't run block, they couldn't even stop the giant hole in Tedy Bruschi's heart. That was terrible.

Well, there we go...the end of the NFL season. I'm saddened that it's over yet optomistic in the Steve Spagnuolo Era (it's going to happen, dammit!). Last night, while watching, I was trying to figure out who I should root for. Do I go with the Pats for the pursuit of perfection, my hatred toward Mercury Morris and the '72 Dolphins, and also my hate for the Giants? Or do I go with the Giants because Boston fans are getting a little too big for their britches and need to be silenced? Or do I just sit there, try to enjoy the game, and attempt to demolish as many medium Hooters wings as humanly possible? To be honest, I still don't know. All I do know is that we got a decent game with a great finish and that's all you can really ask for.

One thing that I do know is that, after a brief respite, New York is once again going to shit on Boston at everything (except the NBA)...Osi Umenyiora-style!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100% on Seau, Barber, and Shockey. Tiki is one of the most overrated players in history. He is not nearly as good as he thinks he is. Seau is a sellout, and Shocky is a douche. I will have to disagree with on Bellichick. The clock ran to :00 on TV and he thought the game was over. Maybe FOX fucked up their clock and the real clock never actually ran to :00, I am not sure (FOX did have some problems with their clock throughout the game). He thought the game was over, he shook hands (a good hand shake, too). I have no problem with what he did.

I did have a problem with Keyshawn's scarf on ESPN. I realize it wasn't that warm there, but it was not scarf weather. He didn't even have a coat on. He just had a suit on, and then this random, out of place scarf. It looked ridiculous. Great game. It was a lot better than I expected. It will be sweet when the Browns win it next year.


tonyb said...

I agree 100% with Damman on his first paragraph. Tiki not being there was probably the best part about the Giants' win. However, I didn't take any notice of Keyshawn's scarf.

lil' strut said...

What Belichick did was classless. If you look at the video and photos (including the one from this blog), his own players and the referees were telling his classless ass there was 1 second left all the way to the locker room. If you look at the footage of him shaking hands w/ Coughlin the refs are trying to tell them both there is 1 second left, and later on as he is actually leaving the playing field a member of the officiating staff stopped him again to tell him there was still 1 second left. What a Fuck! I agree w/ Bachman fine him, and even better, force him to wear sleeves too.