Thursday, February 21, 2008

Time For Danny Ferry To Step Up

It's been awhile since I've dropped an NBA-related blog on all you suckas...that ends today. With the NBA trade deadline coming today at 3 pm, there will undoubtedly be some last second deals where the rich will get richer and the shitty will get out from some sketchy salary cap issues. But there are drawbacks to today. One of which will be the constant barrage of televised face time for gigantic douchebags Ric Bucher, Screamin' A. Smith, and Marc Stein.

Our King has been quite vocal regarding getting some more help for our beloved Cavaliers. The best player on the planet needs another piece or two, there is no doubt. The fact that they lose a key guy to an ankle injury every other game doesn't help either. And while I've softened my stance on jettisoning Drew Gooden and/or Larry Hughes, there is still work left to be done. And that is where Danny Ferry comes into play. It's time for the once franchise killer (when they traded Ron Harper for Ferry in the early 90's, it destroyed the franchise) to step up and get this team over the top. The Cavaliers can win the East with what they have now, but they can't win it all. Below, I list three guys that would be difference makers for this team and would not crush our chemistry and depth. I feel like George Costanza explaining to Big Stein that he figured out a way to get Griffey and Bonds and it wouldn't cost that much.

***Mike Miller, Memphis - If you forgot, the Grizz gave up Pau Gasol for a giant slab of poo and he was their best player. Miller is a role player and a deadly marksman from beyond the arch. What do you think they would take for him? Martinas Andreyskivicius straight up? We can get Miller for pennies on the dollar, if Ferry has to throw in a pick or two, do it because we need another shooter.

***Sam Cassell, Clippers - This would be interesting. Obviously, Cassell is old but the guy has a ton of experience, is clutch, and can still run an offense (and would get Larry back to the 2 where he is a better fit). I think the Clippers owe the Cavs big time for the aforementioned Ferry/Harper deal, so giving them Ira Newble and a pick wouldn't be a stretch. Fortunately, the Clips have a retarded front office so this could happen and they could use the cap relief.

***Wally Szczerbiak, Sonics - I think that this one will happen to be honest. Take everything I said about Miller above and add that Wally plays at least a little bit of defense. I should add that I am completely biased toward this move since Wally is my favorite college basketball player of all time. But he's played with stars before and knows that the spotlight does not shine on him. It is exactly what you want out of a role player. And he still has the same dead-eye stroke that he had in college. The Sonics are a mess and are looking to get out of Wally's semi-bloated contract. Simmons actually proposed a deal like this with Wally and Delonte West going to the Cavs for Damon Jones, D-Marsh, and a few others. I would accept that yesterday if it was on the table for Ferry.

There you go, Danny, that is what I want. But I'm sure you won't work the phones at all today because of your crippling retardation.

Before I go, I want to mention something right quick. I watched all of the Suns/Lakers game last night (which was awesome) and one thing really stood out to me. Pau Gasol finally gets it. I always thought that he was a decent but not great player in Memphis. It looked like he was just collecting a pay check and going through the motions. Not anymore. I don't know if it's the fact that he's on a winner now or Kobe or Phil Jackson or what, but it's refreshing. So far, he's been a force for the Lakers. He finally gets it. And it's refreshing to see. It's like when Eli Manning realized that if he didn't force throws and let the game come to him, he would be successful. Same thing for Pau. He's been a beast and absolutely ate Shaq and Amare alive last night.

Happy Trade Deadline Day to you all!!!


Anonymous said...

Ferry sucks and will fuck this up. Here's some reading for you.....

It's fitting for this week: The Pistons have a secret admirer.

After they rallied past the Hawks on Tuesday, Sekou K. Smith of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked a scout to explain -- anonymously -- why the Pistons are so dang good. A snippet:

"You have to understand, what they've done in Detroit is beyond comprehension. To be able to build a team that has a first and second unit that complement each other that well nowadays -- Joe Dumars is the best in the business, bar none.

"Look at Detroit's second unit. Rodney Stuckey is a young monster. ... Jason Maxiell and Amir Johnson are fantastic young talents. And the beauty of it all is that they're nasty guys. They play with an edge, a swagger and a physical style that they could only have learned from those first-line guys in a championship organization."

J Beanie said...

You forgot the best part about the alien that is Sam Cassell, he has the best dance ever after making a big shot. Who doesn't like a man dancing around showing everyone how big his balls are?

Anonymous said...

Bachman...if the trade I'm about to paste below happens...I will forever laugh at the Cavs......

Ryan, Chicago: Please tell me Ben Wallace is on the move

Chad Ford: (1:24 PM ET ) Maybe ... call was about Ben Wallace in a possible deal with the Cavs. I've got to stress that it was from what I'd call a third party source ... not someone directly involved in the negotiations. So ... take it with a grain of salt ... but interesting ...

Chad Ford: (1:25 PM ET ) The deal as I heard it ... by the way ... had Drew Gooden, Ira Newble, Shannon Brown and Cederic Simmons coming back to Chicago.


GMoney said...

I know, I'm following the Ford chat as well. But if they can unload these guys for Wallace, Joe Smith, Duhon, and might not be too bad.

Ferry is the worst. He should be the GM of the Blue Jackets.

GMoney said...

Danny Ferry didn't fuck around!!! Gone are Drew, Larry, Ced Simmons, D-Marsh, Ira, and Shannon Brown.

Bringing in Big Ben, Wally, Joe Smiff, and Delonte West.

The Cavs just became head and shoulder favorites to win the East. You can't do better than dumping crap and getting 2 bruisers and 2 sharp shooters. Now we can just spend the rest of the year working on chemistry.

Anonymous said...

You are a complete moron if you think this makes teh Cavs head and shoulders the favorites.

The Pistons and Celtics are still better than the Cavs.

Ben Wallace isn't even worthy of playing on a fantasy team.


Tony B. said...

As a Bulls fan I'm pretty happy with the deal. Ben Wallace is annoying to watch because he's the most uncoordinated oaf in the NBA (at least offensively.) Good to see Drew Gooden on the Bulls; that dude was the best guy I ever played against in high school.

GMoney said...

Enjoy the Larry and Drew Era, Bulls fans, you will hate it.

A full report tonight/tomorrow on the transpirings from today.

Tony B. said...

Enjoy Ben "I Shoot Worse Than Bill Cartwright, and I Miss Layups Too!" Wallace. Now the Cavs can over pay to see a professional basketball player shoot 9% from the foul line. It actually ends up not being that bad of a trade because of what the Cavs got from the Sonics.

And yes, there was a point where Wallace was the best defender in the league, but those days are long gone.