Friday, February 15, 2008

Settling This Once And For All UPDATED

We had a heated debate here on Wednesday about which iconic 90's show was better: Saved By The Bell or Beverly Hills 90210. Today, I'm giving you all 5 quick and potentially rhetorical questions comparing the shows. Give me your answers in the comments. I'll be dropping the answer key tomorrow. This quiz is brought to you by the still sexy star of both shows, Miss Tiffani Thiessen (I know Tori Spelling was on both, too, but she doesn't count because she sucks). Let's get it on, I'm leaving work today at 1 and need to get some work done...

1. Which is the better restaurant: The Max or The Peach Pit (do NOT include The After Dark in your answer, this is purely on dining experience)?

ANSWER - Have you seen the food that Ed Alonzo and that weirdo James serve the kids from Bayside??? It looks worse than cafeteria food! Nat on the otherhand, prepares the food at his greasy spoon with love and care. The Peach Pit is the answer to almost every question in life.

2. If these shows were on Cinemax, who would you have pulled more ass: Zack Morris or Dylan McKay?

ANSWER - Yeah, it's Dylan and that was an easy one. The character of Dylan fits perfectly into a Cinemax plot.

3. Which of these was the more heartbreaking moment: When Kelly dumped Zack at some sort of costume party dance to be with the overly queer-looking Jeff or when Dylan watched his new wife (played by the lovely Rebecca Gayheart) get murdered by her own father?

ANSWER - This one is tough and the fiancee and I were discussing this last night. Kelly cheated on Zack and broke up with him while he was wearing tights and Jesse and Slater were singing "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" in the background. Yeah, it sucked for Dylan, but he only started dating her because he wanted to kill her mob boss father. He played with fire, he got burnt. I'm giving this one to Zack for most heartbreaking because Kelly was a slut.

4. What was the most unbelievable musical revelation: The three girls from Bayside as "Hot Sundae" (Jesse breaks down after abusing pep pills!!!) and the odd band "Zack Attack" that apparently was good enough to have Kasey Kasam follow them around or the fact that we were meant to believe that David Silver was some sort of awesome club DJ?
ANSWER - OK, what is more far-fetched? America loving 3 cute girls who sing pop songs, a group of friends hitting it big with songs about being friends and whatnot, or an absolute douchebag becoming a star DJ? Sorry, club music is for fags and Brian Austin Green was not believable in the roll at all.

5. What was the more unintentionally funny moment: When Zack found out that he was part Native American and did a report dressed as an Indian or the great Ray Pruitt pushing Donna down the stairs?

ANSWER - I'm surprised at you people. This one was such a slam dunk yet you all went in the opposite direction. Of course the answer is Ray Pruitt!!! Didn't we all want to push Donna down a flight of stairs? He just had the balls and moxie to pull it off. How do you talk to an angel, bitch.

Tough calls all around. I wish you the best of luck. Before I leave, my heart goes out to the people at Northern Illinois...stay strong, MAC pride. I'll be back tomorrow with the answer grid. Peace.


Anonymous said...

2 of my favorite shows of all time growing up. But to answer your questions Gmoney. Here we go

1. The Max was the best. Only cause you can't count After Dark. But the Max had everything, It got a lot of action, and all the nerds hung out too. Lots of memories there.

2. Dylan McKay would pull more ass then Zack, he just had that kind of charm, he manipulated every chick that came through. I would argue that Brandon Walsh laid everyone on the show too.

3. Dylans wife was tragic, I still remember watching that episode. Not what you wanted to see, she was one fine ass biatch!

4. Jesse Spano popping pills and Zack Attack all the way. Although you probably didn't mind Donna get thrown down by Ray Ray.

5. Zack being native american was hillarious.

Yes thoughts and prayers to the folks at NIU. Just another college tragedy. I don't understand these morons that do these things.

Anonymous said...

got number 4 and 5 mixed up. my comment about Ray pushing donna down the stairs was supposed to be under number 5.

Upstate Underdog said...

I answered 90210 for all 5 of those questions.

However, Slater could have kicked the ass of all the guys on 90210. And let's not forget how annoying Andrea was on 90210.

Anonymous said...

1. I will take The Max. You can't beat Ed Alonzo.

2. Dylan would have pulled more ass simply because he was kind of a tough guy who would fill a Cinemax role nicely. Zack was too nice.

3. Dylan's wife getting blown away had to be more heartbreaking. Zack and Kelly ended up getting married.

4. I would have to go with with Hot Sundae on this one. Jesse's breakdown is one of the top five TV moments of all time.

5. Zach being Native American is probably my least favorite Saved by the Bell. It was not funny, it was just plain stupid. Ray pushing Donna donwn the stairs was priceless.


GMoney said...

I can't believe all the disrespect for Joe E. Tata's restaurant!

Ed Alonzo looked like a child molester.

flohtingPoint said...

1) Both had burgers, fries and shit so I guess it comes down to either getting your food served to you by some douchebag hack magician in glasses, or the always cool Joe E. Tata.

Advantage: Peach Pit

2) Easy answer... Dylan. Better question is WHO didn't he fuck? Brenda, Val, Kelly, the list goes on. Dylan banged more chicks than Wilt Chamberlain.

Advantage: Dylan

3) I'm going with Zach on this one. I never really liked Dylan's bitch, she had this fucked up head that made my skin crawl. I'd also like to take this time to submit this as an honorable mention in the "unintentionally funny moment" too, as when Dylan's bitch died I couldn't stop cracking up.

Advantage: Zach

4) While the whole David Silver band thing was very unbelievable, the Kasey Kasam shit was way too much.

Advantage: Saved By The Bell

5) Native American all the way, but more for the fact that I was laughing at the broadcast company for being morons. That shit's almost as racist as the Redskins or the Tomahawk Chop. The whole time I saw that rerun (never saw the regular airing), the only thing I could think was "How did they allow this to air... They're going to get killed when the lawsuit comes around"

Advantage: Manifest Destiny

GMoney said...

Easy there, flohtingpoint, we Redskins fans are proud racists.

flohtingPoint said...

And we Cardinal fans are proud losers. We smiled each time the Skins would hand us our two losses per year when we were in that division. Yes, those were proud days indeed... Ah memories.

Tony B. said...

1) Gotta go with the Max. Way more fun hanging out with Max than a run-down Nat.

2) Now I'm going with Zack on this one, but only because Dylan's sexual activity would not be shown on Cinemax, it would be in hard-core porn.

3) Dylan's was more tragic because Zack came off like a wimp. Kelly cheating on him, dumped him, and all Zack could say is that they'd still be "friends forever." C'mon Zack! Man up! Plus, watching your wife get murdered has got to be tough- unless you paid someone to do it, but that's another show.

4) Zack Attack was more unbelievable because it didn't happen. That whole episode was Zack's dream. He wakes up at the end and they jam in the garage. At least David Silver was rockin' the ones and twos in the real (fictional) world.

5) Ray Pruitt pushing Donna down the stairs. I saw a VH1 behind the music of Jamie Walters and people would show up at his real concerts with signs that said "STOP BEATING DONNA!" Fiction affecting reality in a hilarious way. You can't beat it.

Anonymous said...

here is the sad thing.. Brandon Walsh hooked up with more ladies then Zack and Dylan COMBINED!

Tony B. said...

By the way, how did you not mention THIS!

Now that's an awesome fight!

Adrianne said...

1) The Max is the best. It always seemed the Peach pit was too cliquey. If i were in need of a late night snack I would def hit up the Max first.

2) Dylan McKay did and would pull more ass. Screech and David were least likely to pull ass. Proven by scraping the bottom of the barrel and both hooking up with Tori Spelling.

3) Dylans wife dying. Really pulled at the heart strings.

4) Hot Sundae! I appreciate the early 90's leotards and that was Jesse's best performance on screen. (only to be trumped by "Showgirls")

5) Zack's hilariously PC performance representing his Native American heritage.

Kyle said...

Jesse popping pills was one of the show's highlights.

"I'm so excited! I'm so excited! I'm so...scared."