Friday, December 21, 2007

On The Road...

Shit, I forgot to tell you guys yesterday that I'd be out today. I'm leaving with some good, old-fashioned Clark W. Griswold tirade to get you in the Christmas spirit. As for me, I'm still jacked that the RedHawks beat Illinois last night.

Holiday schedule: I'll be back home this afternoon until Sunday when I drive back. Yes, I have to work Monday from 8-2 so you'll get a Christmas Eve Blog. Then I drive the 2 hours back home after work, pretty much just for a dinner, and then have to drive back the next day since I work on Wednesday. It's going to fucking suck.

Christmas on Tuesday is the worst invention ever. And in case you were wondering, I still haven't received anything from my coworkers. I'm thisclose to pulling an Office Space Milton on that place.

Well, fuck it, whatever. I'm out. Have a good weekend. Spread some cheer and herpes. And just wait, Miami is going to beat Kansas tomorrow and the Skins will beat the's going to be a glorious weekend.

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Upstate Underdog said...

Nothing for X-mas yet from the co-workers ? That is bullshit. Hell the new girl here bought me, my, wife and my 2 kids X-mas gifts.

Hopefully those cheap fuckers you work with come through for you. Merry Christmas.