Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The Middle Finger: BCS Haters

I have to admit something. I'm not the biggest college football fan in the world. I think that it's importance and significance is vastly overrated. I mean, come on, whenever a Southerner thinks they are the best, it's never a good thing. But I do pay attention. Mainly because it's all that people here in Columbus know and want to talk about. Seriously, try talking NBA with anyone in a central Ohio bar, they'll look at you like you are trying to buy them a shot of AIDS. I just don't understand, though, the outcry from the national media for a college football playoff. It doesn't make sense to me. And that is why this week's Middle Finger goes to those who hate the BCS.

The purpose of the BCS is to get the two most deserving teams in the country to play for the championship. It's job is NOT to get the two best teams to play for it all. I will say that again, you have to EARN the right to play. Could it be argued that USC or Oklahoma is the best team in the land this year? Of course, they both won their conferences. But USC lost to Oregon and an abysmal Stanford and OU lost to an average Colorado team and a niche Texas Tech team. Done. Eliminated. They didn't earn the right to play for a championship. Kansas didn't even make it to the Big 12 title game. Georgia couldn't even beat the craptacular Phil Fulmer. Virginia Tech was used as Ti-go Bait down in Baton Rouge. Done. Eliminated. The BCS doesn't care about hurt feelings (it's true, Mark Richt, get over it), it's all about getting the two most deserving teams in the nation to play for it all.

Answer me this. With the exception of the year when USC was hosed (LSU/OU game) and Auburn was unfortunate enough to be the third undefeated team, when has the BCS not done it's job? A playoff isn't needed. It is cliche to say that "every week is a playoff" but it is true. Win all your games and you will be fine. Stumble and you're likely done. That's what makes college football interesting. A playoff would render the regular season not nearly as important as teams would be content to finish in the top 8 as opposed to the top 2. Are there 8 teams this year that deserve to be playing for a national title? I don't even think there is one team that deserves a shot at the crown. But someone has to. Go ahead and take a look at everyone's resume in the top 10. No, go ahead, I'll wait. What do you notice on teams 3-10 that you don't see on LSU and OSU? That's right, the glaring, head-scratching loss. A playoff system would only reward mediocrity. And unlike this blog, the BCS does not reward mediocrity.

To be honest, the best part about college football is the debate anyway. Say LSU wins it all, how heated will the exchanges be that Oklahoma and USC are better? Without the BCS doing their thing, the arguments are gone. And nobody likes that. How many hours have you spent with your buddies comparing and contrasting the merits of your team against a team in which you will never play? Countless, right? It's always a good time because nothing ever gets solved. It's one of the true great male mysteries, we argue knowing that our facts will not change anyone else's opinion, but we do it anyway. And that's what we lose if we get a playoff system...our ability to defend to the death a team in which we know nothing about just to tell an Ohio State fan that Jim Tressel eats goat placenta. I am all over the place right now, but I think you get my point.

So there. I've said my piece. I like the BCS. I want it to stay. Because if we do adopt a playoff system and have arguments decided on the field instead of a dingy bar, then what is left to talk about? The NBA??? Wait, maybe a playoff system isn't so bad.

And that's why this week's Middle Finger goes to BCS Haters...because you don't realize how much of a negative impact this would have on you.

I guess the pot is calling the kettle black because I am part of a 5 person Algonquin Bloggers Roundtable that takes an 8 team tournament and determines a winner through the written word. Props to my man over at Stiles Points for getting me involved. The tournament starts Thursday (OSU/Kansas, my outcome may shock you) but we've already decided on our Heisman winner and it's ready to be read.


saul hudson said...

G$, you really blew this post. First, the regular season is NOT a playoff. Otherwise, Hawaii would be in New Orleans on Jan 7 rather than on Jan 1. Second, if it were a playoff every team in D-1 would have the exact same opportunity. This is not the case, D-1 NCAA football is the only sport where teams start day one knowing they cannot win the championship. If the season were a playoff then teams like Miami U, Boise St, etc would have a shot when they go 12-0, but we all know this is not the case. The above reasons also illustrate the need for a playoff. Moving on, I sense College hoops is your favorite sport...a sport that has a tournament, which is perhaps the greatest athletic event of the year, in fact the first thursday and friday of March Madness should be a national holiday. Now what would your reaction be if some 235 lb white man told you to settle the season in the bar with several drunk fans who likely slid through undergrad and instead of using spare money to donate back to the alma mater to make it a better place, use the extra scratch to buy jager shots and listen to Eddy Money on the juke. That is not America, that's not even Mexico.

GMoney said...

The powers-that-be have already decided that not all teams have a chance at a title and I accept that. Whatever, big conferences equal big money blah blah blah. But college football is unique that their champion is not necessarily who everyone thinks is the best team. And the arguments you can have because of this makes the BCS great.

The hoops tournament is perfect in every aspect. For us MAC-ites, every game means something and we DO have a chance to win the national title (see: GMU and Kent State). Every game is a resume builder for us mid-majors.

Take it easy on the G$ self-analysis, you are hitting a little too close to home!!! Knock it off or I'm taking the big screen back from Spike's garage.

Anonymous said...

I agree that a playoff is not the way to go, but read my post. OSU and LSU didn't EARN the right to play in the national title game either. If you are going to hang VT out to dry about losing to LSU, how can you not hang LSU out to dry about losing to Arkansas, or OSU to Illinois? That's why there should be no bowl games this year, no national title. You were right when you said no one deserves it this year.

J Beanie

saul hudson said...

How can a playoff not be the way to go, when every other sport in the free world uses the system?! D-1AA, D2, and D3 NCAA football included...I have even heard the revolutionary idea has trickled down to highschool football!

Kyle said...

I love the BCS because of the added intensity it brings to the regular season. I am intrigued by the prospect of playoffs, but that opens up a whole new can of worms.

If you only play with eight teams, this season Hawai'i would have been up Shit Creek despite being the only undefeated team, based on its B.S. No. 10 ranking in the polls.

16 teams is the way to go with each of the 11 conference champs getting a bid, giving the MAC and Sun Belt seeds 15 and 16. But then you run into the dilemma of bellyaching university presidents. That's a four-week tournament guaranteeing teams miss either finals week or the first week of the semester.