Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Taking A Blogging Vacation

Alright, then. The management (me) has decided to take the rest of the week off. Holidays aren't big blogging times anyway. But, we will be regrouping back in the hometown for the next few days and hitting shit back up on Monday. Enjoy your turkey/family bonding/heavy drinking.

I leave you with a fine screencap of Joe Buck doing what he does best...acting like a giant douche.

Peace out.


saul hudson said...

G$, any holiday tomfoolery planned?

GMoney said...

We're playing it by ear...

Luca Brazzi said...

First I must say I hate the Yankees so I guess it means I hate you. Your blog is funny shit so I guess that means you're a funny shit...I usually like people who make me laugh. Maybe a Sox fan and a Yankees fan can get along...fuck that...some things aren't meant to be...lol

Stop spelling dUEche wrong...extremely aggravating.

Love your blog and point of view even if sometimes you are completely full of shit and way off....i.e. Cal Ripken is NOT a HOF...lay off the pipe.

Go Sox! World Series Champs!
Go Celts! Is it true? We have a team again...
Go Bruins! Yes a true fan roots for all "his" teams even in the darkest times
And certainly not least GO PATS!!!!
World Series Champs and Superbowl Champs in the same year....I've seen this before...oh yeah in 2004, the year of the BIGGEST CHOKE in MLB history.

Finally, the Cavs are overrated, although James is a STUD!

GMoney said...

Nice to have you on board, Luca. But I beg to differ about the spelling of douche. Being one, I believe I know how to spell it.

You are right, I will never be friends with a Masshole.