Thursday, October 11, 2007

Welcome Back, Ben

I'm heading down to Oxford Saturday for the homecoming game versus the hated Falcons of Bowling Green. While doing my daily scouring of the internets yesterday, I came across this juicy little nugget:

In a pregame ceremony Saturday, Miami University will retire jersey number 7 in honor of one of its greatest athletes, football superstar Ben Roethlisberger. He becomes only the third athlete in Miami football history to have his number retired. The former RedHawk quarterback, now a star with the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers, led Coach Terry Hoeppner's 2003 club to 13 consecutive victories, a Mid-American Conference Championship, and a victory in the GMAC Bowl. Roethlisberger earned Third-Team All-America honors during his record-breaking junior season. A three-time MVP at Miami, "Big Ben" smashed the school's passing records from 2001-03, achieving nearly unreachable career records of 10,829 passing yards and 84 touchdown passes. Among the special guests who are attending Saturday's ceremony will be his parents, Ken and Brenda Roethlisberger, and Jane Hoeppner, the wife of the late Terry Hoeppner. NOTE: THE PUBLIC IS URGED TO BE IN THEIR SEATS NO LATER THAN 2:40 P.M. TO WITNESS THE CEREMONY.

Sweet. One of my favorite players of all time is being honored (on his bye week) and I'll be there to see it. Miami is also inducting Terry Hoeppner into the famed Cradle of Coaches which is also well deserved. Should be a great day in Oxford. And apparently 2:40 pm means 2:40 pm, because the bold lettering says so. I can't wait. I was in attendance when Wally Szczerbiak's number was retired, and I'm even more excited for this one. Oh and there's a pretty important football game since both teams are undefeated in the MAC. And if you haven't seen that pic before, give it a click to view it's full hilarity.

Channelling my inner-Jeff Foxworthy...If you went to Bowling Green State University, you might have gonorrhea.

Also of note, I was watching the end of the Navy/Pitt overtime quasi-thriller last night. FYI, Dave Mustache Wannstedt is about 4 games away from being shitcanned. Near the end, Lou Holtz, Mark May, and Rece Davis were talking about who had the best sandwich in the Pittsburgh area. Rece asked Lou for his take:

Lou: That's like picking between Joan Collins and Linda Evans (HA, a Dynasty reference!).
Rece: How about a more modern reference, like Eva Longoria or (I think) Teri Hatcher?
Lou: I don't know who that is.

Classic Lou Holtz. He can't wait to catch the Early-Bird at the Country Kitchen Buffet tomorrow.

And one more thing. The best part of the internet, besides the midget porn, is being able to follow your teams without buying newspapers and whatnot. Washington Post columnist, Dan Steinberg, wrote about an interesting exchange between Redskins CB's Carlos Rogers and Fred "Sex Boat" Smoot arguing over a nickname. The story is pretty short and showcases just how insane Fred Smoot is. My favorite part...

"First of all, he's not Johann, I am," Smoot said. "Johann is a name given to me by a legion of women. Physically, facially, I'm one of the gifted guys in the NFL. That's why they call me 'Johann.' 'Cavalli' came from me just being an established family guy, just one of those notable last names. You know, Cavalli. 'I'm a Cavalli!' First you're thinking, you know, 'maybe he's Italian' or something like that. That's all. But he's not Johann; I am Johann. 'Johann Cavalli' is my whole name. Valentino is a name I used to have when I was here the first time, that's when I was 'Sugar Ray Valentino.' Don't let this name dropping kill you."

Yes, the facially gifted Fred Smoot is Johann Cavalli Valentino. Athletes are hilarious. I've got nothing more to say.


Anonymous said...

I bet it will be nice to see Coach Hoeppner again.

Oh wait...he's fucking dead!

GMoney said...

Ouch. You know who else won't be there? That kid that shot himself in that Cleveland High School.

saul hudson said...

Enjoy all of the fraternity sisters, you panty-waste. Go Falcons!