Saturday, October 06, 2007

Game 2 Thoughts/Link Dump

At least games 3 and 4 will be played in New York and not Somalia...

That was a disgrace. I'm not going to blame the loss last night on a bug invasion, I'm not. Really. But come on, name one other city where something like that could possibly happen??? Only in Cleveland.

The Yankees didn't deserve to win, but they sure as hell didn't deserve to lose. My predictions are turning into a scary form of reality (Wang would struggle, Pettitte would be fantastic and he was absolutely sensational, and Posada would let a couple balls get by him).

And Jorge, hang your head in shame. That one is one you. You call the fucking pitches. You know that sliders have a tendency to hit the dirt. Get your big-eared ass down and block something. That loss is on you, Dumbo. That was NOT Joba's fault.

Fausto was brilliant. But he was used to the bugs since he grew up with swarms living on his face (a poor Mexican joke!). Enough said. The Indians offense was rotten. Luis Vizcaino sucks. Whatever he doesn't suck, Grady Sizemore and his entourage of assless chap-wearing fags, swallows. He is such a pillow-biter. I guarantee that he and Brady Quinn hold hands while walking on the Lake Erie beaches.

This isn't over. Not by a long shot. Joe Torre knows what he's doing (I hope). He knows that now the Indians will throw the shitty crime-fighting duo of Westbrook and Byrd the next 2 games as opposed to giving CC and Fausto another go-round in games 4 and 5. This is good. It's coming back to Somalia.

Do you remember the world's claim that Ohio State fans are the biggest douchebags on the planet? Well here's something for you. I'm watching the game last night at the GF's in wonderful HD. Her roommate is there and he's a bit of a talker/idiot. As soon as I walk in, he tells me that he is not an Indians fan at all but that he just hates the Yankees. OK, I can handle that. It's not the first time I've heard this. Well, as the game is going on, he is screaming, and I mean SCREAMING, at the TV for the team that he apparently doesn't like and throwing it in my face. It's not like I was cheering much either. He was doing it because he's an asshole. I'm just sitting there watching in nervous silence and this REDS fan is running his mouth. That is complete bullshit. Have some class. Your team didn't make the playoffs, mine did, let me try to enjoy it and you sit there and be non-partisan. I would NEVER EVER do this. And I don't. I watch OSU basketball and football games with a TON of Buckeye fans each week. They know I'm rooting against them. But I never say a damn word during the game. Why? Because that's just wrong. When Florida kicked their ass in every sport, I never said a thing. They didn't need to hear me. They knew what was happening and how poorly their boys looked. It would have been totally unneccessary. Just like last night. Roommate, I understand the situation. I understand your position. There is no need to shove it in my face. Even my Indians fan idiot friends at least only dropped an "Uh oh" text message which is OK. Have some fucking class. There's a reason OSU fans are dubbed worse than the Nazis, you don't need to add to that.

Jumping down off my soapbox. Time to showcase what else is going on in the world of blogs...

***Sweet...the Would You Do Tournament is back up and running over at The Big Picture. My money is on darkhorse Matt Leinart bastard carrier, Brynn Cameron.

***Don't tell me that there is a bigger rivalry than Yankees/Red Sox. It ain't happening. With Leather with the details.

***Bob Loblaw over at Flyers Fieldhouse (one of my favorite blogs and they're from Ohio!) begins the new weekly feature, Sexual Terms Dictionary Saturday. Perfect.

***Wanna buy Jerome Bettis's Ferrari? No? That makes sense. Check out Mondesi's House for the details though.

***Marco from the now extinct blog, Just Call Me Juice, now has his college hoops only site, Storming The Floor. I'm sexually excited about this.

***And the award for Greatest Blog Name Ever goes to The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes...and he also fucking hates Dane Cook.

***One more, one of my new favorite hangouts for NFL satire West coast-style, is The Hater Nation. Give it a look if you think Norv Turner is an idiot.

Have a good weekend, peeps. Hopefully, Monday morning won't be a black Monday for the Yankees. Redhawks and Kent Read, Kent Write, Kent State are on FSN Ohio at 3 today. Look 'em up. GO PURDUE (that's for you, aforementioned dickhead).

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