Thursday, September 06, 2007

Redhawk Hoops Schedule/Gambling Tips

Hey, it may be the start of football season, but don't forget, college basketball tips off in less than 3 months!!! My alma mater, coming off an amazing run as MAC champs, has released their schedule and dear lord, I'm nervous. Let's take a closer look...I promise, if you get through this, you get safe bets for the weekend at the end.



22-25 at Anaheim Classic (Anaheim, CA)
22 vs. South Alabama - shouldn't be too tough
23 vs. USC/San Diego - Oh God, could face OJ Mayo in his second game!!!
25 vs. TBA (Other Participating Teams: Mississippi State, Southern Illinois, UC-Irvine, Tulane) - Southern Illinois would be some nice RPI after we deep throat OJ
28 DAYTON - I can't remember the last time we've even played DECENT against these changes this year


1 at Louisville - Oh, sweet Jesus...this one could be ugly. Jorge Sosa is the real deal, we could lose this game by 40
4 INDIANA STATE - always tough playing a team from The Valley
15 at Wright State - NCAA tourney team, no DeShaun Wood means we should win
18 CHICAGO STATE - putting this one in the W column
20 at Illinois - we owe these fucks from last year after we lead the entire game and they snuck out a win over Thanksgiving...another tourney team
22 at Kansas - May God have mercy on our souls...if The 'Ville beats us by 40, Kansas beats us by 55
29 vs. Cincinnati (at US Bank Arena) - this is the year that we FINALLY beat the Gay Bearcats...I will get shit started next Saturday at the UC/Miami football game (UC looked damn fucking good last night)


5 at Akron
12 at Ohio
--I only include our first two MAC games because we start the conference season with our two biggest division competitors on the road. Fuck Belford!!!

What did we learn here??? Charlie Coles doesn't dodge anyone!!! I would love to get through this stretch undefeated (we should be very good this year), but I will settle for a .500 record through this treacherous run. Charlie could be arrested for child abuse with this cruel form of brutality.


--I went 5-2 last week (+1 more win from last night) on my picks including nailing both of my upset specials. I've got 5 NCAA and 4 NFL'ers for you today.

**Rutgers -15.5 vs. Navy - Navy couldn't even blow out Temple last week, they ain't hanging with Ray Rice
**My Redhawks +8.5 @ Minnesota - The initial spread was Minn +11, so you can see how much bettors are digging my Redhawks...I'm not picking a straight up win, but they'll hang close
**Ball St. -4.5 @ EMU - EMU sucks, even though you know nothing of these two teams, take BSU and buy me a beer tomorrow night
**Penn St. -17.5 vs. ND - ND sucks, Charlie Weis swallows.
**UPSET SPECIAL!!! Va Tech (+11) wins at LSU...STRAIGHT UP. The Hokies embarrassed themselves last weekend because they were looking ahead to this game. They win. Fake Neck Beamer is ecstatic.

Steelers -4.5 @ Cleveland - The Browns have made people a ton of money over the past 5 years, no reason to stop now.
Cowboys -6 vs. Giants - The Cowboys win this by 17.
Lions +2 @ Oakland - Only game this week where I like the underdog
Eagles -3 @ Packers - If you don't think McNabb is throwing 4 td's this week, you're crazy.

See you tomorrow.

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And Cole is the ugliest man of all time. I give his team credit. I know if that face was starring at me in the huddle, screaming at me, I'd want to either run a way or give it a Milk-Bone and hope it left quietly.