Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm Not Buying This

The NBA world is buzzing right now with the likely trade of KG to the Celtics. Since this blogger's forte is slowly becoming NBA analysis, I would like to be one of the first people to say...I don't think this is going to work out.

Is it good for the Celtics? Short term, yes. Season ticket packages will be going like hotcakes (whatever that means). To have 3 of the top 25 players in the league on one roster is never a bad thing. But, let's be honest, everything that Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers have done as decision makers has been terrible. Why would this be any different?

Bill Simmons is practically saying that the Celts will be in the NBA Finals the next two seasons and I couldn't disagree more with his logic. KG, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce have NEVER been able to lead in the playoffs. Never. All 3 are at the end of their primes. They all need to get 18-20 shots/game. So unless the NBA institutes a new rule that allows multiple balls on the court at the same time, someone is going to get pissed. Simmons compared the team's current direction to the 90's Rockets that mortgaged the future of the franchise to team up Barkley, Olajuwon, and Drexler. Well all 3 of those guys are top 40 players in the history of the league. Stabwound Pierce and Jesus Shuttlesworth aren't even sniffing that list.

Look at what the Celtics have done this offseason. They added KG, Allen, and Big Baby Davis for Wally, Delonte West, Jeff Green, Al Jefferson, Ryan Gomes, Bassy Telfair, Gerald Green, Theo Ratliff, and 2 future first round picks. They've traded away TEN players to add three. Ainge traded an entire starting lineup for KG. Now they are left with one point guard who was in so far over his head last year that he needed a colon flush to get it out of his ass. Their starting center is Kedrick Perkins...that's right, THEE Kedrick Perkins. Their bench consists of stalwarts like Brian Scalabrine and....hmmm....Tony Allen's gimpy knees.

I just don't see how this works. If they expect three guys at the tail end of their primes to each log 40+ minutes a game, they are sadly mistaken. It ain't happening. You need to give these guys a little help and Leon Powe isn't the answer. The problem now is that with these 3 guys, the Celtics can't afford to add anyone decent due to the luxury tax. So they are stuck. They have three superstars who won't be able to get enough shots and the rest of the roster has no experience or flat out sucks.

Let's look at three teams who, in essence, tried going in the same direction that the Celtics are. A.) The 2002 Yankees, coming off the heart-breaking World Series loss to Bob Brenly (worst champion manager ever), added Jason Giambi eventhough he never won anything and was a follower. Let's also bring in Gary Sheffield whose potential reward was worth the risk. Ugh. Steinbrenner quit focusing on the farm system and started trading good prospects for any player that had a pulse. Not good.
B.) Daniel Snyder signing any free agent to the Redskins that ever made a Pro Bowl. Snyder's "fuck the future, Bruce Smith and Deion Sanders still have some tread on the tires" attitude crippled my Skins for 5 years and only now are they starting to do things that successful teams do...like invest in the future.
C.) The 2004 Lakers signed Gary Payton and Karl Malone's corpses to defend their titles and create a super-team. Well, that didn't work out. They should have been swept by the Pistons in the Finals. They couldn't get everyone the touches they needed and it showed with the lack of chemistry. And they couldn't set aside their egos for the good of the team. Sound familiar? And the Lakers had a good coach!!!

Doc Rivers isn't going to be able to handle this. It isn't going to happen, Boston. The Nets and Knicks (that's right, I said it) are still better in the Northeast. This trade helped you pass the Raptors in the division. Congratulations.

In 3 years, the Celtics will be rebuilding again and rightfully be back in where they belong...in the lottery.

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