Monday, July 09, 2007


I'm back at work for the first time since Tuesday last, and since we're no longer on my time and are on company time, we're going to get back in the swing of things and do some heavy-duty blogging.

Fuck. Check that. Apparently, our office team is undergoing our yearly audit this week. I'm not really sure how this will effect my posts but I'd be willing to bet they will now be short and sweet again this week.

Anywho, let's make a run at a few things.

1.) OK, the one year anniversary for this blog is this coming Saturday. Yeah, I know, it's been an amazing year. We here at the Musings hope to continue our solid run through the blogosphere. I will not be able to do a sentimental blog as I'm playing in a celebrity golf tournament back home...I am the celebrity. We'll do something Friday since the boss is off that day.

2.) Along with the anniversary, I've also been contemplating a name change of the blog. The Musings of GMoney has been great but it may be time to put an exclamation point on this blog with a real kick-ass name. This blog started, for the most part, as an outpost to comment on random every day occurences that transpired in my life. Well, times change, people change, and more importantly, blogs change. We decided to go the "sports satire" route. And thus, I am seeking opinions on a blog name that really pops. Some that I've thought of so far:

***The Money Shot - as a tribute to myself
***Country Strong - Jay Bilas would be proud
***The Mustache Ride - who doesn't love a mustache
***The Intelligent Ohioan - because there can be only one

Hmmmm, I'm forgetting some. Oh well, if you want, go ahead and leave a post on some potential name changes.

That's all for today and I leave you with a conversation overheard up at Put-In-Bay this weekend between a cop and Matt "T-Boom" Thompson.

Cop: We've had a complaint about the noise level in your room.
BOOM: No, we're all in bed. It must be an echo or know, the Law of Physics.
Myself: Matt, come back to bed.



rstiles said...

I'd say The Money Shot...LMAO!!!

rstiles said...

YOu need to run some photos of whores for your big 1 year anniversary

Anonymous said...

The Money Shot. You still have to have some alias of yours in the blog name.