Friday, June 01, 2007

Semifinal #3: Henry Blanco vs. Carlos Lee

The 2007 Glenallen Hill Memorial Toughest Baseball PlayerTournament of Champions

After reading about 1000 different articles online today about the greatness which is LeBron James, it's time to buckle down and get the new fight poll up. This week's matchup in The 2007 Glenallen Hill Memorial Toughest Baseball Player Tournament of Champions pits 6 seed, Henry Blanco, fresh off his bigtime upset over Adam Dunn, against 2 seed Carlos "Don't Call Me Liston" Lee who defeated martial arts expert/utility OF, So Taguchi. Who joins Dmitri Young and Kyle Farnsworth in The Final Four??? It's up to the voters.

2.) Carlos Lee vs. 6.)Henry Blanco

Now this is a scary individual. Nicknamed "El Caballo", which is Mexican for "Motherfuckin' Badass". Legend has it that Carlos was forced out of Milwaukee not because they couldn't afford him, but because there was no one left in Wisconsin to kill. Wisconsin: Population - 1. Lee finished off Taguchi by eating his family...with chopsticks.

OK, I know what you're thinking...Henry Blanco??? This is more of a sentimental pick to me. Last year while attending a Cubs/Indians game with some boyz, we did a home run pool, I drew the second pick, and I picked Blanco even though he only had one home run and it was June. Why? Because he still rocks the Mexican Mullet, he's slower than Gilbert Brown after a trip to Ponderosa, and he looks like an "essay" or however it's spelled. Throw a backwards bandana on Blanco and you KNOW you're going to walk to the other side of the street. VIVA LA RAZA!!! In an exclusive interview before this match, Blanco called Lee a "Mexican Uncle Tom". Now them's fightin' words!!!

Who Wins, El Caballo or Nachos Libre?
2.) Carlos Lee
6.) Henry Blanco free polls

See you all on Monday with my exclusive interview with Tiger Woods.

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