Monday, June 04, 2007

Putting the Nail in the Eastern Conference Finals' Coffin

First things first, the emotion and hysterics shared among the patrons at The Bier Stube in Columbus Saturday was phenomenal. Chest-bumping and high-fiving strangers. Singing "We Are the Champions" and numerous songs by The Who. Ordering shots like they were going out of style. By the way, Josh and I tried to invent a "Cavs Shot". Since the Cavs colors are wine and gold, we were leaning toward a shot containing Merlot and Goldschlager...thank God we settled on Jaegerbombs.

It was a great night. But then I saw footage of what was going on in the streets of Cleveland. And read Chris Sheridan's article on ESPN where he said he had never seen anything like it. The whole city was a frenzy. Non-stop pandemonium running rampant on the shores of Lake Erie. It looked magnificent.

"Outside the arena, it was fans high-fiving police officers, boyfriends embracing girlfriends, husbands hugging wives and a bunch of guys hugging anyone they could find, from their buddies to strangers.

Inside the Q, it was the sight of nobody -- and I mean nobody, from the fans in the premium seats to the folks in the nether reaches of the upper level -- getting up to leave for a full 20 minutes as the Cavs stayed on the court to celebrate the 98-82 victory in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals that sent Cleveland to the NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history."

As a former Clevelander, I still consider myself a North-shorer over a Columbian (?). So this has been a great weekend for us. We finally got over the trash heap which is Detroit and now get a chance to take on the hated Spurs in the Finals. David Stern must be loving this as the Finals will pop some pretty strong ratings with LeBron and Company getting their shot. I can't wait for Thursday, should be some good stuff. I will break down the Finals probably Thursday including a prediction that will surely not happen.

By the way, the picture above where LeBron and Z are hugging each other still gives me chills. Z has been through a LOT of shit with this franchise and LeBron knows how shitty the sports teams in the area have been throughout his life. Seeing those two get caught up in the emotion was something special.

***I almost forgot, and this hurts quite a bit. It's Saturday morning and I'm about 5 minutes away from heading up to The Memorial to watch me some golf and interview me some Tiger Woods (which will be posted this afternoon), when I get a call from a guy I graduated high school with. He told me that he was down in Columbus for state track and he was heading up to game 6 and he had and extra ticket for me if I wanted to go. HOLY SHIT, I'm thinking what are the odds? But I declined like the true puss that I am because I thought about how much money it would cost me to party up in Cleveland Saturday night. It will be one of my deepest regrets in the history of my regret-filled life, I'm sure.

Either way, I'll be back later today with hard-hitting interview transcript with Tiger Woods...that's right, THEE Tiger Woods.


stonybrown said...

Thank god the Tigers beat the Indians Saturday night or that town would have been burnt to the ground.

jbeanie said...

I can't believe you didn't go to the game when you had the chance. But i'm even more disappointed that you didn't go with the "Cavs shot." That sounded wonderful. I did a shot called "LeBomb James" but I forget what was in it.

Anyways, an awesome weekend but let's have an even better next two weeks. GO CAVS!

Looking forward to your Tiger interview.

saul hudson said...

Will the "Q" have a functioning shot clock and scoreboard in time to host the NBA Finals?...What a dump!!!