Friday, June 22, 2007

AL Final: Sheffield vs. Farnsworth

The 2007 Glenallen Hill Memorial Toughest Baseball PlayerTournament of Champions

The first finalist in The 2007 Glenallen Hill Memorial Toughest Baseball Player Tournament of Champions has been determined as Carlos "El Caballo" Lee narrowly defeated Dmitri Young this past week. Who will be the American League's representative? Will it be Latino Hater, Gary Sheffield, or the modern day Ricky Vaughn, Kyle Farnsworth? You decide.

AL Final: 2.) Gary Sheffield vs. 5.) Kyle Farnsworth

While Sheff is a clubhouse cancer and lunatic, you can't discount the fact that he can beat some ass. Not the tallest guy in the world, he makes up for his lack of height with sheer will power and an ability to always be the craziest person in the skirmish. Being related to Doc Gooden only helps his unpredictability. And who knows, with him being related to Doc, he could be coked up and that's not good for his opponent. Absolutely manhandled Rondell White in the first round with a barrage of uppercuts, chaw spit, and anti-Latino sentiment. After remembering that his opponent used to be a Yankee farmhand, Sheff easily pummelled his way through Wily Mo Pena. Because everybody knows that Gary hates Yankees.

If this was a toughest pitcher competition, Farnsworth would win in a walk with maybe a little challenge from Zumaya The Hut. K-Farn can really mix it up as you can tell from the pic and has instigated a number of bench-clearers in his day. Will be a tough out for any competitor. And I LOVE the new glasses look. Defeated Vlad Guerrero in the first round with some WWE-style assistance from former teammate Robert Fick. Fick returned in the brawl with Frank Thomas by nailing The Big Hurt from behind with some nunchucks to allow K-Farn to advance to the conference Finals. Sheff knows that Fick could be lurking...will it be enough though.

You decide. Poll is up on the right side again.

This will be the only post today as I am too distraught from my Yankees getting swept by the goddamn Rockies. And I have to work tomorrow, so you'll get another post then. Blow it out your ass if you don't like it.

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The Big Picture said...

tough call, but i think i gotta go with sheff.