Friday, May 11, 2007

Some 3/6-er's For The Weekend

The 2007 Glenallen Hill Memorial Toughest Baseball PlayerTournament of Champions

The National League race is shaping up to be just like the Western NBA playoffs this year with both the 5 and 8 seed pulling mammoth upsets. Over in the AL, Kyle Farnsworth dominated Vlad The Impaler and earned the right to raise fisticuffs with Frank Thomas in the conference semis. 3's and 6's today:

3.) Travis Hafner vs 6.) Wily Mo Pena

Hafner is quite a specimen. Nicknamed "Pronk" because I guess he's half project and half donkey. I will just assume then that his finishing move in this tournament will be The Pronkey Punch. Come to think of it, this tournament was lacking in homoerotic activities.

Eventhough he plays for the Red Sox, I like Wily Mo. He did come up through the Yankees farm system. Anyway, Wily Mo is one scary mo-fo. I mean, look at the picture, the main source of food for this guy is wood and he washes it down with pine tar. Yum-a-dum-dum. He also looks like Clinton Portis and that always helps.

Who Wins, Pronk or Portis Look-a-like?
3.) Travis Hafner
6.) Wily Mo Pena free polls

3.) Adam Dunn vs. 6.) Henry Blanco

Dunn is a monster. He's got size comparable to Bill Brasky. Always described as being "country strong", I assume this means that he bench presses sheep and drinks out of a cow's utter or something. You're going to be a tough out when you're a hillbilly only because you don't know any better.

OK, I know what you're thinking...Henry Blanco??? This is more of a sentimental pick to me. Last year while attending a Cubs/Indians game with some boyz, we did a home run pool, I drew the second pick, and I picked Blanco even though he only had one home run and it was June. Why? Because he still rocks the Mexican Mullet, he's slower than Gilbert Brown after a trip to Ponderosa, and he looks like an "essay" or however it's spelled. Throw a backwards bandana on Blanco and you KNOW you're going to walk to the other side of the street. But does he have enough to beat a poor dumb country mouse???

Who Wins, The Greenhorn or Nachos Libre?
3.) Adam Dunn
6.) Henry Blanco free polls

I'll probably be back for another quick post tomorrow since I have to work, have a good weekend.

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