Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I'm Gonna Need that Picture of Olmos's Ass Back

My allergies are back and my bedroom was about 112 degrees last night, so I'm going to speed through today. No, the title has nothing to do with the blog, it's just a hilarious line that deserved to be typed.

I'm following the Yankees game last night and see that our stud pitcher of the future, Phil Hughes, is throwing a no-no in the 7th against the Rangers (after the dominance of Hughes last night and Buehrle two weeks ago, every pitcher should be foaming at the mouth to face this lineup). I'm thinking "Wow, this could be pretty special. Our Ace of the Future throwing a no-hitter in his second career start!" But not for this team, not this year. This team appears to be cursed with bad luck and terrible pitching. Ugh. I feel like Peter Griffin. You know, when the Grim Reaper showed him the picture of Edward James Olmos's ass but then took it back right away. I got a small taste of Hughes' excellent pitchingmanship and now it's gone. I can't believe I fit that analogy in. That is some quality blogging.

The NBA Playoffs have been pretty ho-hum (whatever that means) so far. Last year was tremendous, this year it's Sweep City and Uninteresting Team Village. Except for one series...Dallas and Golden State. Every single game in this series has been a 1980's style slugfest like when Magic's Lakers and The Wispy Mustache's Celtics were playing 120-118 games. These games are so engaging. I am still kicking myself for going to bed after the 3rd quarter of game 4. I am pro-Warrior in this matchup. I can't wait for game 6 tomorrow night. Shootin' at the walls of heartache, BANG BANG, I am the Warrior...had to squeeze that in there.

That's it today, don't forget to comment about anyone I may have forgotten about for the badass tournament that starts Friday.


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