Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Two Shining Moments

I typed this at OCP yesterday afternoon:
"The Buckeyes only chance in this game is if they win the Humphrey/Butler matchup. History shows that when LH is hitting his jumpers, Florida is unbeatable. On the other hand, Butler knocking down shots is key. If Butler outscores Humphrey, they win. The rest of the matchups are a wash for the most part."

Wow. Could I have been more right???

Don't give me this "I'm proud of you guys" charade like you tried to after the BCS game. You got outplayed, out-hustled, out-classed, outcoached, out-everything except for Oden.

Thoughts from the smartest man in the world:

--This has to start with the MONSTER effort from Greg Oden last night. That was special. He finally let loose and left it all out there. There is no doubt in my mind that he is gone and will be the #1 pick. That was domination at it's finest. Question though, does it bother you guys that he didn't even come close to playing with this sort of passion at all this season???

--Quit hating on Noah's game. You can hate Jo-No as a person and I would completely understand that. But to say that he sucks and that he's overrated is completely ignorant. HE ISN'T A SCORER. If you thought he was going to go for 20 last night, you're crazy. But he plays great defense, makes his weird free throws, and always seems to get key rebounds. He's a top 10 pick regardless of what you think anyway. If you want to judge him because he got into foul trouble, then Greg Oden sucks too because he gets into foul trouble. Look at his body of work, it's pretty damn impressive. I would take him playing next to Varejao in a heartbeat.

--Ron Lewis was Final Four least valuable player. After 4 great games leading up to Atlanta, he gave them almost nothing the last 2 games. He looked more like Bowling Green Ron who was terrible.

--Corey Brewer is a freak. Doing the stuff that he does at 6'9" is amazing. Absolutely stuffing Oden in the first half really impressed me. He's a top 10, maybe top 5 depending on who else comes out.

--If you don't like Lee Humphrey you're crazy. He has the same first name as Zamarripa.

--Chris Richard, after Oden, impressed me the most last night. This kid is just like a Chris Wilcox and will be a great edition to a playoff team drafting in the 20's. They guy is a freaking load.

--Is it just me or does Jo-No's dad look like the one guy from Milli Vanilli that killed himself?

--Billy Donovan is going nowhere.

--I think it would be cool if the 04's and Donovan all agreed to come back...a real dynasty.

And one more thing, and hopefully this burns at you Buckeye fans that are massive elitists. What does it feel like to finally know that Florida is better than you at every aspect of life? Better football. Better basketball. Better school. Better weather. College Chicks. Better golfing. Other stuff. They are better than you. I should move to Gainesville just so I won't be considered a loser. Ha, that last line was great.

There is nothing better than living in Columbus and watching the scarlet and gray turn into shit brown.

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stonybrown said...

Noah is Varajao with bad hair. I'd take Horford over Noah in the NBA. And that is based on their games...not their personality. I'd definitely rather have Brewer, though. Player.