Monday, April 02, 2007

Site News With a Prediction

--Get ready, Columbus, you're going to see this again tonight. Florida 74, OSU 69. The sad thing is, CBS will be forced by the FCC to drop the "live" feed due to Greg Oden deep-throating Jo-No. That nickname was not as well-received as I thought it should have been by the staunch Buckeye supporters I was watching the Final Four with on Saturday.

--I posted a congratulatory note last week to Rune and Holly on their engagement. Well I got the call from Rune last night that they GOT MARRIED. From what he told me, they got married in Las Vegas last night. Congrats Aaron and Holly, best of luck.

--I hope you like the new format this blog has undertaken. I switched mainly because I didn't like how the other format wouldn't link separate articles. This version is way easier for Joe Blogreader to navigate.

--I am officially going global with this badass blog as I have registered with a new site, linked to the right, called Ballhype. This site ranks all the sports-esque blogs on the planet. I have no idea how to check the rankings but I did get an email from the site creator today telling me that this blog is "good stuff". So keep visiting the site and let's see if we can get this bitch up to #1 in the world.

--Visit The Big Picture, linked to the right, and vote for the Who Would You Do champion. The finals pit big time favorite, Erin Andrews, vs. Stacy Dales-not Schumann.

--Big TV week as 3 of my favorite shows are back for more. Today is the second greatest day of the year...The Shield Eve. Sunday marks the return of The Sopranos and Entourage. I am pumped out of my mind and can't wait to see what Vic Mackey has in store for Kavanaugh tomorrow night.

--I think that's it today, I'll have a nice little championship game recap tomorrow. CHOMP, CHOMP!!!

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