Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Don't Want to Sweep Alone

Since I've now made it a point to blog in the morning at work, I have to get this done early since I have training starting at 9:30...and this is way too important.

Fuck it, I'm calling my shot. The Yankees will sweep the Indians this afternoon. And nothing could be sweeter...maybe a sweep in Fenway this weekend.

Being a lifelong Ohioan that hates everything about Ohio sports with the exception of the Cavaliers (squeaking out the 2 seed almost ensures a conference finals appearance) and my beloved Redhawks (who have played their share of basketball minutes with 5 white guys on the court), it just doesn't get any better than whipping the piss out of a team that everyone around here likes. I hear all the time that "this is the Tribe's year". No it isn't. You've been Danza-slapped by A-Rod and you are begging for more.

You'll get another chance in August, but don't expect anything different. The pimp-slapping will be just as severe as it has been this series.

A-Rod is beauty and grace on and off the field.*

(*In case you were unaware, after dogging A-Rod for 2 years now, I decided in Spring Training that I was going to cheer for him this season as opposed to my usual booing of him...and look at the results. Yep, it's because of me.)

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tim in tampa said...

I left for work with one out in the bottom of the 9th. I was pissed as hell to find out how it turned out once I got home.

That having been said, I was cheering against the Yankees moreso than I was cheering for the Indians. I'm a D-Rays fan now, of course.