Thursday, April 12, 2007

He Picks Up Big Slick...And The Check!

Are you ready for some Guest-Blog Action??? Well here it is, from Rune, his mammoth story from his Vegas wedding weekend.

Hey G$,

So it's Thursday March 29th and Holly and I have decided to do it: Go to Vegas and get married. I'm upstairs trying to find a nice place to stay; after all it's going to be our honeymoon in Vegas. Holly's dad calls and tells us to reserve a room at the Bellagio because his old friend MIKE SEXTON will probably be able to get us the "casino" room rate. It turns out that Holly's dad, Bruce Trott, and MIKE SEXTON were teammates on the Ohio State men's gymnastics team in the late sixties and have remained friends to this day. I knew this before but never fully realized the magnitude of its awesomeness.

So we reserve the room at the Bellagio and check in on Friday afternoon, and the check in goes something like this:

Me: Hello, reservation for Middleton, MIKE SEXTON was supposed to call and get our room taken care of for us.

Front Desk: Yes, its all set for you. (Note: We paid for the room, but he got our rate for us.)

Fast Forward to Saturday. Bruce and I are checking casinos out while Holly and her mom are dress-shopping, and MIKE SEXTON calls Bruce a couple of times to set up something for that night. After the Buckeyes victory over Georgetown and dinner, we meet who else but, MIKE SEXTON and company for a couple of drinks in the Bellagio casino Baccarat Bar. He slips the hostess some bills and we get the "RESERVED" section. Its Holly, her parents, MIKE SEXTON, his girlfriend, his brother, his sister-in-law, his niece, two of her friends, and myself. We hang out for about an hour, all on MIKE's tab. During the course, I see him pull out a 4-inch wad of bills and the only thing I see is hundo's. We talk about the Buckeyes, the WPT, the Bellagio, and his and Bruce's good ol' days. Some sweet MIKE SEXTONisms.

"Yeah, I'm staying up in Malibu right now in a trailer that my announcing partner, Vince Van Patten hooked me up with."

"Yeah, gotta drink Anheuser-Busch, sponsor of the World Poker Tour, the don't have World Select so I'll have a Budweiser."

I ask Mike to say, "He's goin' for it Vince." He kind of brushes it off and changes the subject, but at the end when we're all saying good-bye, I ask him again and. . . he goes for it. "He's goin for it Vince, may all your cards be live and your pots monsters." Not enthusiastic, but beggars can't be choosers.

Considering it was the night before my wedding and I didn't have the usual party, MIKE SEXTON, in effect, threw me my bachelor's party. Then I took his ass for 30 large in a little heads-up, no-limit hold-em. Pretty sweet night.

Also, I'm getting sent to Okinawa (island just south of Japan) in early May until Feb. 08. I'm gonna be the Communications Officer for 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment. It is the Battalion Landing Team (BLT) for the 31st MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit). I'll be floating around in the Pacific, hitting Korea, Australia, and some other places for the next 8 months. Most likely not going to Iraq. Lee should be able to clarify all the Marine talk. I'll get you word and address and stuff when I get it. Likely from me to Holly to Meredith to Buke.

Talk to you later

***Excellent story, Rune. What we learned from this tale:
--Mike Sexton lives in a double-wide.
--He didn't type it, but when I talked to Rune about this and asked him what Sexton was like, he said, "He reminded me of Chief Wiggum." Now THAT is funny.
--Who knew gymnastics could be so cool.
--Next time I'm in Vegas, I'm definitely going to name drop Sexton to see if any discounts come my way.

In case you were wondering, and I am checking them out as soon as I'm done with this, I'm posting the link he sent me to his wedding weekend pics with instructions.

Holly and Aaron's Wedding Pictures:

click on the albums:

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Our Wedding Weekend part 2

Hollywood Honeymoon part 1

Hollywood Honeymoon part 2

You can view the wedding on webcam at the following link:

At the bottom of page click on A. Middleton Wedding

***BIG NEWS!!! I think this guest blog thing worked out really, really well which has convinced me to open this up as a forum to some of my loyal readers. If you have a topic that needs discussed or a wild story that you want posted, email me the story and I will post it.

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