Thursday, April 05, 2007

Derek Jeter Crushes More Ass Than You Do

Courtesy of One Nut Kruk. He ranks his top 10 baseball players that destroy a woman's integrity. Pretty good and not too long of a read. Here is his synapsis on Jeter:

1) Derek Jeter. As a Mets fan it pains me to admit this, but Jeter has pulled an amazing amount of ass in his career. We all know about the famous people, Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey, etc, etc. But just think about how much box he's crushed that we don't even know about. Just look at this picture I found. Jeter with 4 random girls. Clearly this situation went down something like this. Derek is walking along the beach when 4 girls approach him and say, " hey we would like to have sex with you." Derek replies, "Sure, lets take a picture first." They take the pic, Derek bones them on the beach and walks away. Jeter clearly takes this title by a mile.


James said...

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Anonymous said...

This makes me inconsequential!
Plus, did you see the way he ended his career at Home? LEGEND!