Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Cincinnati Reds Are A Joke

Excellent pitching skills on display by Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory!!! How embarrassing. Where did they dig up Eric Davis from anyway? I thought he was dead.

This also reminds me of the Lexington trip when we went to Argosy, you know, the casino on the Ohio River. So I'm sitting at a blackjack table, we've got a pretty friendly dealer, and he starts out the deal by giving the first four people (I'm one of them) aces. The four of us are going nuts until he gives us something like a 6, 7, 6, and a 4 as seconds cards. The dealer's reply:

"Shoot, 0 for 4, I should play for the Reds." Now THAT is high comedy.

FYI, I finally figured out how to put YouTube videos on here (it is about the easiest thing in the world), so there should be a better frequency of posts coming from the quality blog.

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