Wednesday, March 14, 2007

One More Before I Go...

Thank you faithful blog reader, Scott Rex, for this wonderful pic of Charlie Coles from CMU. There's your namedrop.
I had to tell this story quick before we leave for KY tonight:
So I turn on the Cavs/Kings last night right when they are showing the starting lineups and see LeBron isn't playing. Oh, that's great, they've won 6 in a row and now he's hurt. And who does Mike Brown decide to start instead of 'Bron??? None other than Mr. Played 10 Minutes ALL SEASON and former Redhawk great, Ira Newble.
Now don't get me wrong, I love Ira, he was really good in college and played his heart out for Mother Miami, but he is easily one of the 5 worst players in the NBA. But Mike Brown starts him. Hmmmmmm...
What do you know, Ira brought his ugly shot last night and rattled home THREE 3's in the first quarter. Ended up with 12 points and 7 boards in the Cavs romp over the Kings. He even earned the customary postgame Jeff Phelps interview that is used for the guy who played good that night that I'm sure Ira has never been on. Here's what transpired in the convo:
Phelps: Ira, great game tonight, and pretty good last few days up here for your Miami Redhawks.
Newble: Yeah, definitely. Charlie Coles is one of the greatest coaches in the nation. We will beat Oregon.
Ira looked right into the camera when he said that we will beat Oregon...sent chills down my spine. So now, after that, I'm officially sold that we will beat the Ducks. Not like that son of a bitch, Kuehn, who celebrated with me in Cleveland Saturday night but picked Miami to lose in the first round. Asswipe. Morals are more valuable that money!
If one of the worst players in the NBA tells me that we are going to win...THEN WE ARE GOING TO WIN. Shock the world, bitch. Enjoy the tournament, I know I will.

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