Monday, March 12, 2007

Let The Madness Begin...

OK, I'm finally coming back to Earth after my 72 hour high of my Redhawks winning the MAC title in such a dramatic fashion. It's time to start focusing on the Big Dance, winning money in the bracket pools, and thoroughly enjoying are basketball and alcohol Lexington mini-vacation. Much like my NFL viewpoints I did in December, I'm going to throw out a bunch of randoms to watch out for over the next month. Here we go:
**First things first, Scott, can you re-send me that pic of Charlie post-game from CMU's press room, I can't find it.
**Steve Alford will be fired by Iowa
**Tommy Amaker should be fired by Michigan
**I loved the Carmelo-led Orange when they won the title in 2003, but I absolutely hate Jim Boeheim and all the whining he does today. He is pathetic.
**Akron got what they deserved, no postseason tournament. Make a fucking free throw.
**Florida is my pick to win it all. I don't like teams that say they can flip a switch, but, if Lee Humphrey can hit the trey, they will be almost impossible to oust.
**Butler will be the first of three 5 seeds to lose in the first round. They aren't athletic and the book is out on how to beat them. Look for Old Dominion to represent the CAA well.
**Maryland/Davidson is an interesting matchup...never bet against a team that has Daryl Strawberry rooting for them.
**Similar to the NFL theory, if EVERYONE says that something is going to happen, it won't. Notre Dame will beat Winthrop. You are a sucker if you think the Eagles make a run. I nominate ND C Luke Harangody as one of my favorite players in the nation. Doesn't he look an awful lot like former NHS great, Jason "Big Hudha" Gerken???
**I don't like the Redhawks matchup with Oregon, but I don't hate it either. If they can control the tempo and hit a few jumpers, I am positive that the great Charlie Coles can outcoach The Village Idiot of Eugene, OR, Ernie Kent.
**UNLV is a scary team...
**Wisconsin will be the first big seed to lose...they just aren't impressive and haven't shot well in the last month.
**I will never buy in to Kansas until Bill Self. and the choke job that he carries around with him every March, gives me reason to.
**Even though they shouldn't, UK will fire Tubby Smith if they lose in the first round.
**Illinois is a lock to beat Va Tech...this game is so uninteresting. Va Tech does nothing for me at all.
**Southern Illinois will get to the Sweet 16...and if they can come up with a mammoth effort, get to the Elite 8.
**I hate to say this but Duke will beat VCU...somehow. VCU is better but Coach Kfdasjkrew will find a way. I hate Duke, don't get me wrong, but I love PG Greg Paulus. I always have respect for a guy that plays hard ALL THE TIME, no Rudy Gay bullshit, non-stop constantly. Josh McRoberts is still a loser at the game of life.
**Wright St. PG DaShaun Wood (another favorite) will give Pitt problems, but Pitt's size will get them to the Sweet 16...even if Aaron Gray is the second most overrated player in the nation.
**Unless Indiana and tournament disaster Kelvin Sampson come up with an amazing effort that they haven't played with all season, UCLA can pack their bags for Atlanta.
**North Carolina. Man, they can run. I just think that youthful mistakes catch up to you. And don't forget that they have the most overrated player in the nation, Ol' Facemask Tyler Hansbrough. I hate his game. He is slow, he holds the ball below his waist so guards can strip it, and his post moves plain suck. He will cost them in the Sweet 16.
**Marquette/Michigan St. could be really fun, and don't sleep on the winner, they will have a good chance to beat UNC.
**Arkansas is playing for Stan Heath's job (another favorite of this blog) and they have to prove the critics wrong. They will push USC.
**Reggie Theus (looks like A-Rod) is going to have to summon all of his Hang Time coaching skills to have a chance to beat everyone's darling team, Texas. Who doesn't love Kevin Durant? Raise your retarded hands. This team will beat UNC and vie for a Final Four slot.
**Al Skinner is the worst coach ever. Bob Knight sucks in the tournament the last 20 years. BC wins because Jared Dudley looks like Mary Zehnder...I don't think it's that much of a stretch either.
**Georgetown is a monster. Unstoppable. Great defense, amazing post presence, and their guards are coming along...they will be in the championship game.
**I've not liked the Buckeyes all season just becuase they take so many terrible shots, but Oden is awake and playing like a freak. But they could have used a loss down the stretch to ground them a bit. I'm pulling a big upset card by saying they lose in the Sweet 16.
**Watch out for BYU, the mormons can play and sell bibles door-to-door.
**Tennessee is my big time sleeper. Chris Lofton is my #1 non-Kevin Durant, non-Redhawk man crush. They have a big score to settle with the Buckeyes after losing there in January on Ron Lewis's crap three. Elite 8 for my boy, Bruce Pearl...and they have a guy named Chism.
**Virginia sucks.
**Louisville/Stanford will be fun. The Lopez Twins are the real deal, but can you pick against the 'Ville playing in KY???
**A&M is going to the Final Four if they can get by Louisville. Playing the Regional in San Antonio is a gift and Acie Law is definitely on the man-crush team of this blog.
**I think Memphis is better than everything thinks but I could see them losing to Nevada in round 2.

Wrap it up. Final Four - Florida, UCLA, Georgetown, and Texas A&M

All Man-Crush Team
G - Greg Paulus, Duke
G - Acie Law IV, A&M
G - Chris Lofton, Tennessee
F - Kevin Durant, Texas
C - Luke Harangody, Notre Dame
My bench consists of Redhawks Tim Pollitz, Doug Penno, and Michael Bramos.

This team would win every game.

Enjoy the Dance, Lexington has some really good games and I will post a bunch of pics on here when we get back and if I can figure out how to work my digital camera. Peace, I'm out until Sunday or Monday.

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