Tuesday, March 20, 2007

KY Photo Book 3

1. Damman says "Get the fuck in, we're going to the casino." We should've done a before and after of this mini-trip...ouch.
2. G$ enjoying some delicious Shell Pizza...mmmm Shell Pizza.
3. Packing up the cars and checking out, I'm pretty sure Swihart was going to hit Buke in the head with my shovel that I keep in my trunk for some strange reason...too bad Damman and I were witnesses.
4. Biggest white trash lady ever...Wendy's sure can crank them out. Threw out this gem of a line: "I tole that man this mornin' to bring up more taters." Priceless.
5. Apparently, this is the oldest house in Lexington...you could still hear the ghosts of slaves.

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