Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kentucky Hot Brown

Kentucky Hot Brown is the name of some weirdo thing that our dining hall served once my Freshman year at Miami...I still have no idea what it means or is, but the name alone is hilarious. Here's the rundown.

-The first three games were terrible. Although they got killed, Brook Lopez can play, his brother couldn't beat Barry Sonnenberg today.
-Louisville fan are nuts, very annoying, but very passionate and absolutely owned Rupp.
-Speaking of which, Rupp Arena is amazing...truly a basketball shrine.
-The BYU/Xavier was a great game. Danny Ainge's kid is a really good PG.
-The Xavier fans traveled very well and I would say, on Saturday, were close to filling up 20% of the gym, OSU 25%, A&M 5%, and the Ville had half the fans there. Everyone was rooting for X that wasn't wearing scarlet and gray.
-Listening to ESPN radio the whole way home and seeing Sportscenter, I can't believe there hasn't been any controversy about Oden's 5th foul being such a blatant cheap shot flagrant foul. When you double forearm shiver someone basically into the band, THAT IS A FLAGRANT FOUL. I hate OSU.
-You don't really see all that Acie Law does for that team until you can watch him live. The guy is a flat out stud and the definition of a glue guy.
-Nothing beat seeing all those Louisville bumpkin fans downtrodden after their loss.
-Great exchange between a couple of greenhorns after the OSU/X game and this is the gist of it:
Drunk Buckeye fan that looked like Adam Trauthwein: No team that sucks dick is going to knock out the #1 seed!!!
Drunk, toothless 'Ville fan: Fuck you, bitch, let's go, I'm gonna beat your ass.
It got broken up, but nevertheless, it was hilarious and happened right in front of us. Which also led to a random Kentuckian wearing a denim jacket and with his mop top over his ears to tell us that not all Kentuckians are hilljacks. It was a great 4-5 minute exchange.
-This may come as a surprise, but the three hottest cheerleading squads were 1. BYU, 2. A&M, 3. Xavier...it wasn't even close, BYU's broads were smoking. The guys sitting in front of us brought binoculars JUST to see them...Buke thought this was a great idea.
-Anyway, started off with three shitball games and ended with three of the best games in the tournament...great time.

I did, however, forget my camera in the hotel on Thursday so the pictures start on Friday...all apologies. Thursday did feature:
***the four of us slamming beers in between games at a local watering hole
***the very large African-American sitting next to me at the bar starting our conversation with this question--"Would Layla Ali knock you out?"
My reply "Why are you asking me that? I guess it depends how many rounds the fight is."
Him: "I don't know, six."
Me: "SIX ROUNDS! I couldn't even get through half a round, of course she would knock me out."
Him: "Not me, I'd kick her ass."
I'm gonna be generous, this guy weighed about 4 bills and thinks he could go 6 rounds in a boxing ring with a pro boxer. He couldn't beat Glass Joe.
***Buke brought out this gem, "I'm not gonna be able to fall asleep if I'm not drunk."

Check out the pics.

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