Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Guess what? I've got a fever. The only prescription...is more basketball.

For most sports fans, you sit around waiting for the end of both college and pro football, and when it finally is officially over you start to realize that--Oh Shit--college basketball is almost at conference tournament time and I don't know a damn thing about who's for real and who isn't. Not this guy. I have truly enjoyed this college basketball season and began to really embrace it about a month ago by watching teams and games from all over the country to gain knowledge come bracket time.

This is a really good year. The Top 5 teams in the country (Florida, UCLA, UNC, Wisconsin, and (ugh) Ohio St) are great and there are at least 5 other teams that can win it all as well and no one would be surprised (Texas A&M, Kansas, Oregon, Marquette, and Pitt). You even have great storylines: Texas Freshman Kevin Durant is the best freshman in college hoops in the last 20 years and Butler, that's right Butler, is ranked in the Top 10 and won the Preseason NIT.

As far as my Redhawks go, it's just like any other year. We can beat anyone on our schedule and lose to anyone on the schedule...which would explain the 10-11 record. Come MAC Tournament time though, Charlie should have the boys ready to go. As long as we can get to 60 points, no one outside of the top ten in the country can beat the Fightin' Charlies.

That being said, last week I was surfing around trying to find out the dates of the first round of the NCAA Tournament so I can take those days off and saw that Columbus was a host site this year. While it is sold out, I also saw that Lexington was hosting the first and second round as well and still had seats left. It did not take more than one minute of convincing to get Buke, Josh, and Damman to all say that they were in. So tomorrow is ticket ordering day which means that my checking account will be taking a $650+ hit (oh yeah). This is being dubbed our "Income Tax Refund Trip". It should be a blast. I've been to a few of these things where you get to see 6 top notch basketball games in two days for merely $150 and it should be fun staying down in Hilljackville for a few days. Oh, and the Buckeyes are 99% going there since they can't play in Columbus so that means two games of Greg Oden.

But that all could change if they sell out tonight before I can order...that would suck donkey balls.

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