Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bangin' Female Sportscasters

I've come to the realization that I have been neglecting hot broads on this blog for awhile. To quote the late, great Owen Hart: "Enough is enough, and it's time for a change!"

Meet ESPN sideline/courtside reporter Erin Andrews. Good Lord. If you watch ANY college football or basketball game, she is on the telecast. She's everywhere and she's absolutely gorgeous. The former University of Florida Dance Team member has always puzzled me as they never show any body shots of her on camera. So Ol' GMoney did some investigative work and found these two doozies of her online (sweet ass by the way) and love her even more now. During my search for ass shots of Erin, I also stumbled on to this guys blog where he ranks the "nail-ability" of female sportscasters. It's absolutely hilarious and I will link them with my rankings after I quit talking about Erin.

The only bad things I can think of for Erin is that since she went to Florida from 1997-2000, that means she probably did Danny Wuerrful. I mean he did win the Heisman but that still doesn't make it right. Also, her and Herbstreit travel to the ESPN Thursday night games together so I'm pretty sure Kirk has hammered that deliciousness before, too. Nevertheless, I still rank her #1 on my list of "Female Sportscasters That Should Hook It Up With Money."

Like I said, I'm going to link this guy's blog and I seriously suggest reading it just for the simple reason that he tries to rationalize the do-ability of LINDA COHN. It's great.

My list (disclaimer: this ranking does not necessarily mean my top 10 sportscasters, just the top 10 that this guy has already analyzed): 1. Erin Andrews - 'nuff said

2. Melissa Stark - man, does MNF miss her or what?

3. Pam Oliver - she deserves better than having to work with Joe Buck. By the way, check out the YouTube video in this link and look at the black guy's face at the's priceless

4. Sam Ryan - enough with CBS, the sports world needs you back

5. Rachel Nichols - starting to get all the big stories on Sportscenter, really hot although she never blinks

6. Suzy Kolber - if she's good enough for Joe Namath, she's good enough for this blog plus Drew (of the never updated Drew's Blog) has heard that she's down with women...GREAT news!!!

7. Bonnie Bernstein - older, but still good looking

8. Michelle Bonner - Sportscenter anchor, the link suggests she should be called "Michelle Boner"...priceless

9. Michelle Tafoya - Monday Night Football MILF

10. Kit Hoover - by default she has to be #10, seriously, look at the others I left off

Not making the cut: Lisa Salters, Linda Cohn, Jeanne Zelasko, Heather Cox, and Andrea Kremer

Those who would make my list but do not have profiles done by this genius: Stacy Dales (top 5), Jillian Barberie (Top 10), Colleen Dominguez, Leann Tweeden, Dana Jacobsen, Hannah Storm, Lisa Guerrero, Jill Arrington, and Summer Sanders (Top 10).

Others: Pam Ward, Shelly Smith, Holly Rowe, Chris McKendry, Robin "Brown Bag" Roberts, and Jackie MacMullen.

How awful would it be to read about the do-able qualities of "The Manbeast" Pam Ward, Arthur Ashe look-alike Robin Roberts, or Massive Dyke Jackie MacMullen.

Either way, this has been a great blog entry.


cr3861 said...

Sam Ryan is on CBS, not MSNBC

Randolph said...

Fantastic post. You have no idea how many times i thought someone should rank these ladies.

Anonymous said...

Erin Andrews is pretty cute but I don't find any of these women "hot." Funny thing is that my finance's name is Erin too but my Erin blows Andrews away as far as being "hot." You guys must be so amped up about the game that your minds are distorted when the "sports caster come on to spew their little knowledge about what is going on in the game.

Anonymous said...

where the hell is Wendi Nix???

Anonymous said...

Michelle Bonner is the new sex symbol among female sportscasters with those sexy I want you eyes of hers.

Anonymous said...

drea avent is a sportscaster in texas local gal...but....GORGEOUS!! definitely has national potential.....much hotter than pam oliver as far as african american women..

alot of blonde sportscasters are overhyped as HOT just because they are blonde. Just my opinion