Thursday, February 22, 2007

Airing of Grievances

This Airing of Grievances is defintitely "Boner-approved".

1. Britney Spears - Ugh. I don't want to beat a dead horse here, especially since she is acting like someone has already beaten her with the aforementioned dead horse, but enough is enough. I already posted a few months ago about her being crazy, but who knew that Kevin Federline was the reason that she had not go completely insane??? Now there's all this stuff coming out about her firing nannies that her kids like more than her, two one day stays in rehab, and the whole "shaved head" saga. I guess the only good thing about all this shit is that we the public are about a month away from the release of some hardcore porn with her and Carrot Top banging away inside a port-o-john at a construction site.

2. Anna Nicole Smith's Sperm Donor - NO ONE GIVES A FUCK.

3. The whole A-Rod/Jeter thing - So what? They aren't friends like they used to be. They still play at a top level. It does not effect either's play. Growing up, I was friends with a kid named Tony Bataska (remember him?) but he moved to Chicago or someplace in elementary school and I haven't seen or spoken to him since. It isn't that big of a deal, people grow up and people move on. I'm over it. Jeter and A-Rod are over their falling out. Who cares. The Yankees are still going to win the World Series this year (and the next 20 years).

4. Studio 60 - I am so happy that this show got cancelled. I invested a lot of time into this show that quickly turned from chicken salad into chicken shit. Sarah Paulson is the worst actress ever. She absolutely killed that show. And if Aaron Sorkin didn't try to stuff her down our throats week after week and focused more on Timothy Busfield, the show would be flourishing. The episode where Busfield had a snake, ferret, and coyote get stuck in the studio vent was some funny shit. Good riddance to bad TV. Week after week, it killed my post-24 buzz.

5. Chloe O'Brian - Mary Lynn Rajskub is a close #2 as far as worst actresses ever. Oh man, what a turd. She makes me roll my eyes during 24 at least twice an episode. Take last week for example. She tells her husband that his brother is in the hospital EVENTHOUGH she is told not to by her superiors because it will effect his work and CTU needed him to track the nukes. She doesn't care though, she has her own agenda. What makes this more odd is that she kept it to herself a few seasons ago when Jack's daughter and wife were kidnapped because she wanted Jack to think clearly and focus on the task at hand. And this week, Morris has obviously been drinking yet when her boss asks her about smelling it on his breath, she says "he didn't ingest it". I'm sure that works all the time. Officer, I know I'm covered in Jagermiester, Schlitz, and vomit, but I didn't ingest it. It should work every time. Chloe is the worst employee ever. She has been working at CTU since the show and still has not been promoted. She might be worse than me as an employee depending on whether or not she steals a bunch of stuff on her last day like this blog has a tendency of doing.

My rule, if it's your last day before getting transferred/taking another position/changing jobs; if it's not bolted down, it's free game. I didn't need that CD/alarm clock, box of C batteries, or mini-fan, but I'll damn sure take it.

Alright, I'm out. Heading back to Naptown this weekend for Mom's 50th birthday. Happy birthday Mom eventhough I hope to God you don't read this blog.

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