Tuesday, January 09, 2007

News and Notes

Ladies and Gentlemen, I introduce you to the gayest photo ever taken courtesy of America's finest newspaper, The Northwest Signal. A guy licking another guy's ass is less gay than this picture. Looking good, Ratliff.
Anyway, Buke just told me that Greg Oden was at Grant's frat house last weekend wearing a robe...THAT'S AWESOME!!! I wish I had thay kind of status in the world where I could walk around in a coat made out of a towel. Greg Oden = Half primate, half Hugh Hefner.
I bet you are looking for my thoughts on the BCS game last night. Here's my post from ocp this morning:
"I've been waiting 19 f'n games to throw it back your gray and red faces and for some reason this morning it isn't as sweet as I thought it would be. I watched the game with 20 buckeye fans last night and while I was the only one smiling, every one else was just kind of in a state of awe. Like an "is this really happening" phase. I am VERY happy for the Gators. Some notes from Sack, the only opinion that matters:
--The reason why the Buckeyes didn't blitz and had an incredibly soft zone is, and Corso and Herbie said it afterwards, they were so worried about getting torched deep by the superior Florida WR's. This makes no sense because Chris Leak can't throw a deep ball and everyone in the SEC knows that when you pressure Leak, he turns the ball over.
--There is such a thing as SEC speed and it is dominant.
--Chris Leak's definition of "fun" is reading textbooks, what a boring individual.
--Percy Harvin will have a bigger impact at UF than Ginn has at OSU.
--For the first time in a long time, Jim Tressel got MANHANDLED.
--Troy Smith's colon has to be huge to fit the Heisman trophy and his head up his ass.
--Think about it, the only above average offenses the Buckeye D faced all season absolutely torched them.
--The 4th and 1 call was the dumbest call of bowl season. That is not Tresselball...what the hell was he thinking???
--The Big 10 is overrated. 2-5??? The only two games you won were because Phil Fulmer is tied with Lloyd Carr as worst coach ever and Houston Nutt sucks nuts. 6 points away from being an amazing 0-7. Don't piss on the Big East when you can't hold your own during bowl month.
Here's something that will make you Buckeye fans a little more angry and a little less accepting of last night's defeat...you know damn well that that idiot, Skip Bayless, is loving it right now.
Sack has spoken.

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