Monday, December 04, 2006

Like It Or Not, The BCS Got It Right

Bowl season is here and although its taken its criticism, the BCS nailed it this season. Michigan fans don't like it, but look in the mirror and answer these questions for me:

1. Did you win your conference? NO

2. Did you get your shot at #1? YES

3. Does your morbidly retarded head coach deserve a shot at a title? HELL NO

If you answer those questions honestly, you should be like, wow, Florida really does deserve a shot before we get ANOTHER SHOT.

Will Florida get crushed by OSU? Maybe.

Would Michigan give OSU a better game than what the Gators will? Maybe. I love this argument as apparently Michigan fans know the answer to hypothetical questions.

Does Michigan have a QB that played against Hoover High from MTV's Two-A-Days? Hell no, but Florida does, and that's reason enough for me.

I'm absolutely ecstatic about the national championship game though. The two most deserving teams get to play for a title. Good QB's, good young talent, good can't ask for anything more.

Early prediction: Florida 31-24 in double OT...choke on that 2002 revenge.

Bolder prediction: The Big Ten won't win one bowl game...and if they win one, they definitely won't win two.

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