Tuesday, December 19, 2006

G$'s NFL Notes

It only took me 15 weeks to give some NFL thoughts but since we are heading down the stretch, here a dozen or so, starting with my beloved Redskins:

**Jason Campbell is going to be fine. He has a mustache for shit's sake!!!
**While I hate the two, Jeff Garcia and Andy Reid are doing AMAZING jobs.
**Tom Coughlin is the worst coach in the NFL since Marty Morningwood. But trailing closely are Jim Mora Jr. and Herm Edwards. Look at how those three teams have all went down in the shitter this year, it's astounding.
**If I was Arthur Blank and I heard Mora wanted to go to Washington (not my Washington thank God), I'd have had him pack his fucking bags that day. Disgrace to the sport.
**Tom Coughlin is to coaching as Jake Delhomme is to quarterbacking. If you tanked the SAT, I'm saying he sucks.
**I hope Bruce Gradkowski enjoyed his last snap ever in the NFL.
**Reggie Bush is the second most exciting player in the league and he's only a rookie.
**The only person less qualified for their current job other than George W Bush is Matt Millen. WHY DOES HE STILL HAVE A JOB. HIS RECORD AS GM IS 20-73!!!
**The Bears DEFENSE will cost them in the playoffs.
**Torry Holt is the best WR in the NFL. Period.
**Before the season started, avid blog reader, Austin, and some others asked me who I thought a good fantasy sleeper would be and I said Frank Gore will have a big season running behind Larry Allen. I also said Jon Kitna and Ernest Wilford, but no one cares about those guys.
**I have no idea why the Seahawks suck balls. They should be better than last season but the offense and defense are both rancid.

**I don't care what they did the last 5 years, the Patriots aren't very good this season.
**I can't remember the last time I've watched the Bills on TV...same goes for the 49ers, it's been at least 5 years for each team.
**If they make the playoffs, the Jets will be the worst playoff team of all time, worse than that Browns team a few years ago with (gasp) Kelly Holcomb.
**If the Colts don't win the title this year, Tony Dungy needs to go.
**Maurice Jones-Drew (I nicknamed him Mo-Jo, I think it's pretty good) should be the rookie-of-the-year.
**Vince Young is the real deal and Tennessee will unseat the Colts within the next 3 years. Jeff Fisher is the most underrated coach in football.
**Every time the Bengals think they're great and ready to step up, they fail miserably. It's quite comical.
**The Steelers will make the playoffs and you don't want to play them.
**The Ravens are the second best team in the NFL and no one has said anything about them all season.
**Herm Edwards is killing Larry Johnson because he is dumber than shit.
**Art Shell makes me laugh.
**Jay Cutler was the right decision.
**And finally, I've been a hardcore NFL fan since my freshman year of high school and I have to say that Ladanian Tomlinson's 2006 season is the most impressive season I have ever seen. The man is amazing and is the only player more electric than Reggie Bush.

Which leads me to my Super Bowl prayer. Before the season, I picked the Skins and Ravens. I still stand by that!!! But if that can't happen, how great would a SAINTS/CHARGERS Super Bowl be??? We're talking Reggie/LT, Brees/the team that didn't want him, Marty Schottenheimer/common sense. Couldn't get much better than that.

--last post for awhile, with the holidays and all, probably next Wednesday I'll have something cooking again. Peace!

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