Monday, November 06, 2006

Standing Up For the Little Guy

I'm getting pretty damn sick of this shit. Since I now live in "Conceited College Football Town", fans around here can't give any credit to any team outside of Columbus. It really is pathetic. These idiots are so wrapped up into their warped sense of "superiority" that they can't see that Rutgers and Louisville are having great seasons and deserve to play for something at the end of the season. 3 years ago, my beloved Redhawks, in my opinion, were the 6th best team in the nation (finished 10th in both polls, I rank them behind USC, LSU, Oklahoma, Michigan, and OSU). And while I didn't live here then, I'm sure the locals were talking about how we weren't good because we didn't play in the Big Ten. Well you know what...WE WERE GREAT. But we suck balls this year and thus I'm rooting for the Big East. And here are my reasons why the "little guys" deserve your respect and should be eligible to play for a national title.

1. The Big East is NOT a shitty conference. With the exception of OSU, UM, and Wisconsin, not one of the other 8 Big Ten teams would finish in the top 2 in the Big East. People in glass houses...the Big Ten is awful this season and the Big East has a legit 3 teams as well as a solid mustache-coached Pitt team that is on the rise.

2. The Big East doesn't play anybody? Louisville recognized that the conference schedule could hurt them so they went out and scheduled Miami and Kansas State back when both teams were top 10 teams every season. Should we penalize Louisville because these two programs are down??? They also crushed possible bowl-bound Kentucky. Oh yeah, and they just hammered the best offense in the nation. Michigan played an awful schedule this season and Ohio St. has only played one ranked team.

3. They have played the entire season without the second best RB in the nation (behind Adrian Peterson) and 5 weeks without one of the best QB's and still are unbeaten. I would like to see UM play without Henne and Hart for a month...or see how quickly the Buckeyes would turn to shit if Troy Smith went down. This may be the most impressive of my points.

4. It doesn't matter if Buckeye fans (like Buckeye honk, Bruce Hooley) don't WANT to see OSU play The Ville, the BCS says it's possible so get the fuck over it. You may be better than them on paper, but the BCS is designed to declare a true national champion. If you two or the last two standing, so be it...quit your bitching.

5. If there is still an undefeated team left from a BCS conference, they should have a shot. If any team can go on a 12-13 game winning streak over the course of a season, how is a 1 loss team more qualified to play for a championship??? They lost!!! I love Florida this year, still think that they should be ranked 1B, but you can't take weeks off if you want to win it all and they didn't show up one week.

Who knows, this could all be a moot point anyway in a few weeks, but I just had to get this off of my chest. This air of superiority that surrounds this city is almost suffocating. Keep in mind, The Ohio's dominated Illinois in Champaign a month ago and Ball St. almost survived the Big House this past week. The same Illinois team that my boys at Rutgers beat 33-0 earlier.

Just take your blinders off, please, and look around...there's much better football being played outside of the Big Ten.


saul hudson said...

perhaps your most intelligent post! year in and year out the top Big Ten team or teams catch a break in a conference filled with such inconsistency. perhaps, the Ville would not cruise through a Big Ten schedule, but at the same time OSU gets to play the sisters of the poor when they face the 'down' teams in the Big Ten and no one seems to question this reality. here's to the Big East and all the little guys!

bucknutwags said...

1. The Big East IS a shitty conference. Did you even watch that game on Thursday? Neither of those teams even knew how to tackle. The defense was horrendous. Who says that Rutgers is legit? They haven't played one good team yet this season.

2. Props to Louisville for scheduling those two teams, but they also should not get credit for beating them while they were down. Look at what Kentucky has done against any team with even a bit of talent this year. Don't use them as a crutch for this argument.

3. 2nd best RB in the nation is a guy who has only had one season where he rused for 1100 yards? Stupid. If the Buckeyes lost Troy after the Texas game, they would still be undefeated.

4. I want to play Louisville if we are both left standing. That way if we are lucky enough to crush them then hopefully the Big Least will lose their BCS conference spot. I may even agree that if Louisville is still undefeated that they actually deserve a shot. I'm not a Tuberville follower.

5. Isn't your point number 4 the same as number 5?