Thursday, November 09, 2006

Now This Is Really Random

So I'm sitting at work today trying to not fall asleep, daydreaming like a champion, and wouldn't you know it, an episode of Charles in Charge creeps into my mind. You know which one I'm talking about for sure. The episode in which the incomparable Buddy Lembeck (played my Willie Aames) invents this "machine" that can convert anything into a hot dog. By machine, I really mean, a red shoebox with a crank on one side and a hole on the other for the "new" hot dog to come out. This is amazing! Why didn't Buddy Lembeck get a job with NASA or the CIA or something, the man is a genius. You could give him a box of crayons or an old boot, he puts in the box, cranks the lever, and 2 seconds later out pops dinner! But if I remember correctly, Charles (Buddy used to pronounce it, Churls) was not impressed. What the hell was Charles thinking? Your friend, who you know is an amazing idiot, just revolutionized the food industry and put an end to world hunger!!! Buddy never got the credit he deserved for being a genius.

But I always wondered, if he took a dump in the box, how would that work? Would it smell/taste like a hot dog? Or just warmed up diarrhea?

Because I'll be damned if he tries to serve me a Scott Baio shit dog.

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