Monday, November 27, 2006

Nothing Really To Say, So Let's Talk TV...

You may think "Hey, Money, you just spent the past week in Naptown and South must have a ton of things to say?" Well, I don't. But I know you all check in to see what I'm thinking of at the moment. And like usual, I'm thinking of TV. Specifically, how great TV is going to be starting in January and going on through the spring. While the Fall TV season has been mediocre, the winter season will absolutely stain your pants. Here are my top 5 returning shows coming back this winter:

5. Prison Break - From the start, this show was only designed to go two seasons and after tonight, we're 75% done. PB is incredible...but since it's only going away for 6 weeks, it is ranked #5.

4. Entourage - coming back in March per Jerry "Turtle" Ferrarra...I'm kind of confused as to how the show will work since the boys fired Ari in the finale last season. After FOX Monday's in the winter, the 9-10:30 Sunday night HBO block is incredible. What precedes Entourage this March you ask???

3. The Sopranos - this gritty staple of awesome tv is returning for their final 8 episodes ever this March and I can't wait to see how this ends. The first half of the final season was pretty uneven but I think a lot will go down in the final heard it here first, Christopher will get whacked.

2. 24 - I just got into this show during this past season and thus since then, after seeing how sweet it is, have watched every season on DVD and wasted quite a few weekends doing so. Jack is currently captured by a bunch of chinamen so it will be interesting to see how he gets out...and he has a very scraggly beard and that's always good.

1. The Shield - The Shield is hands down the best drama I've ever watched. And on January 9th, IT'S FUCKING BACK!!! I can't emphasize enough that you should watch this show, as rumor has it this could be the last season. I have never heard anyone that gave the show a chance say that they didn't love it. Trust me, Tuesday January 9th, 10 pm, turn Fx on.

TV. Is there anything better???

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