Wednesday, November 01, 2006

G$'s NBA Preview

Hell yeah, the NBA is back and I couldn't be more pumped. After the Cavs MASSIVE step in the right direction last season, I expect another large step this season toward a championship. Now for your enjoyment, here is my NBA Preview...hopefully a little better than my NFL Preview.

Ranking the teams:

30. Portland - this team is going to suck for awhile

29. New York Knicks - if you want to kill a franchise for a decade, let Isiah make personnel decisions

28. Atlanta - I see a HUGE season for Josh Smith in a contract year

27. Charlotte - Felton and Morrison will be great together...but not yet

26. Golden State - not even Don Nelson will help them, watch out for Mike Dunleavy, Jr this season though

25. Sacramento - when the face of your franchise is Ron Artest, you know your team is in trouble

24. Seattle - drafted 3 centers the past 3 seasons and they all suck

23. Philadelphia - Iverson won't be there at the end of the season

22. Orlando - Dwight Howard rules...too bad he plays next to Darko

21. Utah - Everyone in the West wants to run, these guys are content to get as white as humanly possible

20. Toronto - with TJ Ford, I like where this team is going but still too young

19. Memphis - got to love the Czar...but they lack playoff talent

18. Indiana - strip club shootings??? Stephen Jackson is burying this franchise, Rik Smits has to be pissed.

17. Minnesota - Brandon Roy is gonna be a stud, Ricky Davis is a dick.

16. Boston - LOVE Rajon Rondo...add him to West, Wally, and Pierce and I'm calling for them to make the playoffs

15. Milwaukee - Redd, Simmons, Villanueva is some pretty sick talent

14. New Orleans/Oklahoma City - Chris Paul is a stud and David West and Peja will be big this season

13. LA Lakers - didn't add anyone to support "The Rapist" this offseason

12. Washington - losing Jared Jeffries will hurt more than you think

11. Denver - will always love Earl Boykins

10. Houston - it's now or never for this band of underachievers

9. Chicago - could be the most athletic team of all time (see last night's game in Miami)

8. New Jersey - The Big 3 are still great and Krstic is turning into a big time scorer

7. Dallas - just have a feeling they won't be as good this season

6. Detroit - the minutes are adding up (see last year's playoffs), need to get some better bench players to spell the starters

5. Miami - getting really old, really fast

4. LA Clippers - absolutely love this team and Mike Dunleavy can coach...Chris Kaman = Hulk Hogan

3. Cleveland - LeBron finally has some stability in the organization and is ready to make the big leap

2. San Antonio - as long as Popovich is still there they are one of the best and most boring

1. Phoenix - no one can run with them, NO ONE, and with Kurt Thomas and Amare back, look out

Conference Final Predictions: Cavs over Heat, Clippers over Suns

Finals: Cavs over Clippers in 6. The King finally can sit atop his throne.

MVP - LeBron

Coach - Mike Dunleavy

Rookie of the Year - Rajon Rondo

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