Monday, November 13, 2006

Are You Serious, Jim???

While there's no doubt that he has been successful, Jim Tressel is as boring is as gets and after today's press conference, even more retarded than the Special Olympics. Let me explain...

Reporter: When you were growing up, did you root for Ohio State or Michigan?

JT: Both, I rooted for both teams.

Very confused reporter: You rooted for both Ohio State and Michigan???

JT: When you're a fan of football like me, you want both teams to do well.

When did Tressel become insane??? Does he seriously think that Lloyd Carr is going to read the transcript of this press conference and tell his team, "Boys, looks like Coach Tressel didn't cheer for us back when he was a kid...before any of you were born. This time that sweater vest has gone too far!!!"

Just be honest, JT, no one believes that you were pulling for both teams. It just makes you sound ignorant.

(This message was approved by the great Charlie Coles)

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