Sunday, November 19, 2006

And My Heisman Goes to...

After "The Game of the Century" last night, that wasn't as good as the score indicated...the game was never in doubt, anyway, I did some thinking of who I would give the Heisman to since the season is pretty much over now. I would like to add now that this weekend in Columbus sucked, I hated how people that never come here during the season all flock down for the game and clog up the bar and traffic up my streets...our day was ruined. Anywho, these 5 footballers would get the invite to GMoney's Heisman Trophy Presentation at beautiful River City Bowl-A-Way in suburban Napoleon, OH!!!
5. Brady Quinn - I hate him, but he has good numbers and there's a good chance that if I invited him to Naptown, he would leave missing something vital on his body.
4. Steve Slaton - complete product of a system as he would be awful running between the tackles, but having a monster season and deserves a trip to gorgeous NW Ohio.
3. Mike Hart - He's smaller than Webster but the guy can freaking run the ball. If Michigan's defense didn't blow and force the offense to throw, Hart would have run over 200 yards up on OSU last week.
2. Troy Smith - I don't like him and don't want my Redskins to even think about drafting him, but the guy's a great college football QB that just wins. He may be prone to making very dumb off-the-field mistakes, but on the field, he's lights out. Here are his stats for this season:

And the 2006 Gmoney's Heisman Award winner is...COLT BRENNAN, QB HAWAII!!! I know what you're saying, who??? I'm telling you, this guys has had a season of a lifetime and is on pace to break David Klinger and Ty Detmer's passing records. He just have to have average weeks in the next two games against Purdue and Oregon State and Colt will be #1 in almost all college football passing records. That can not go unrewarded. That's why he's getting the the flight from Honolulu to Napoleon had to be awful. I posted Troy's stats so I could also post Brennan's stats just to show how much Colt's numbers dwarf Troy's (the numbers to the right are projected as Hawaii still has two games left to play):

Congratulations Colt!!! Enjoy the trophy, two free games of bowling here at River City Bowl-A-Way, and this gift certificate to a free small order of cheese nachos at Spengler's!!!

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Marcy From Maui said...

Not to mention Colt has not played the fourth quarter for most of the season, so the stats come from mostly 3 quarters a game.